The Crew 2

Ideas to maybe give us more incentives to play.

So, i have a couple idea that could/or should be added. Aside from adding car models like lambo terzo millennio, or even a bmw m3 gtr, and allowing summit cars to be available for purchase.

Idea 1—I think that adding a customization level similar to how nfs carbon and underground would be a cool feature tbh. Different sizes, more vinyls, more differential body kit options, etc. Right now it feels very restrictive, copy and paste, different color same thing, etc

Idea 2– I think it would be really cool if something akin to secret vehicles were added. And the only way acquire them was by finding car parts for them. Like 50-100 car parts for each car spread throughout the whole world. Withot the option to buy then with cc, or bucks. I think even adding summit cars to something like would be cool as well. Currently there isnt much incentive to roam around the world because lack of well anything really, aside from nice views tbh. I know people want cops in the open world but i think that may not work as well. Considering how enforcer race is and how tanky regular civilian cars are. But uf we had something like loads of secret collectibles, or secret vehicle parts. I kne that at least I and probably many others would search for them.

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Idea 3— Would love to see helicopter races and more helicopters added to buy. I think it would be decently challenging as well to get used to.

Idea 4— personally i think we need more variety for long races. Like 2-5 different 15-30 min races tbh. Doing the same 30 min race gets boring tbh. Would love a 30 min race for street car category as well

Idea 5— This is something we all want and thts more ways to earn cc. Doing the daily cc and saving up— to how expensive cosmetics are is pretty aggregious and ridiculous tbh. Im not saying earn 100k a day. But i think being able to earn 100-200k cc monthly is reasonable. Considering how some things go to litterally 70k+.

Idea 6— I think summit scores should cap at 100k. If you get 100k on all. Plat should be your automatic placement. Anything lower and and its not plat.(This is kinda a wonky idea tbh because of the 3k limit of how many people can be in plat. So this may not work as well as i think).

Idea 7— we need or would love a track editor. Make our own races, set checkpoints, scores, requirements, etc.

What are your peoples thoughts on this?

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