The Crew 2

Just finished doing “The Run”

I drove from The Golden Gate Bridge to Time Square following a route that is as close to the one used in NFS The Run as possible.

Time: 1:11:06.81

Car: 2015 Mustang GT Fastback (Stock)

I didn't set a waypoint. Instead I formulated a route beforehand and memorized it before starting.

I started from the docks in San Francisco, drove North across the Golden Gate Bridge, headed for Yosemite, then went south across the Salt Flats into Las Vegas, drove down The Strip, U turned at the end and headed back North. From there I went east to Salt Lake, passed the Ski Jump, and headed up into St. Julian Peak. I exited the mountains at the far east end and headed north to the Black hills, then passed Dairyland before turning South to drive through Chicago. I cut through the Fulton River District and into The Loop, eventually passing the Petroleum Plant. East again through Industrial Harbor then North East along the Ohio highway before cutting south into New Holland. Next was west for a little bit then south again, passing Little Eagle Speedrome. Continuing south, I got to the Bluegrass Region where I headed east again across the farmlands and into the Mississippian Plateau. From there I headed north, passing directly by the Pit Mines before cutting east once again. From here it's just northeast till I reached Pro Racing HQ before heading North into southern Jersey City and taking the first underwater tunnel (the one with the alien smiley face above it in the water) into Lower Manhattan. Upon exiting the tunnel into Lower Manhattan, I took my first left, then 2 streets later I cut left again and booked it for Time Square.

I recommend you try it if you have the time. It's not a straight shot from Golden Gate to Time Square. It takes you through some widely varied landscapes and biomes and is an overall enjoyable drive.

I'm gonna do the Cannonball Run Challenge tomorrow.


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