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My main issues with The Crew 2

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I bought the game because I loved the concept of The Crew originally and I also put a good 200 hours in that game as well. And since we don't really have a "forza kind" (and what i mean by that is: good graphics, decent physics, open world driving experience, bunch of cars and costumization) game like on xbox, which is a bit casual, you can drive around and so on, I think that The Crew 2 is the only option for these kinds of requirements for a game on PS4. So as of right now I have about 45-50 hours or so in the game. Which was good experience at first but as I was progressing throughout the game it became more and more frustrating. My main issues with the game is that it's literally worse than the previous title expect the sounds at some cars. Let me tell you about my main points.


If you don't get to Icon level you don't even have a chance tuning the cars, and until that point cars are like unpredictable boats on a road. And even after you can tune such things like the "ESP" which makes you battle the cars during a race or play with the roll bars in order not to understeer, the cars handling is just straight up terrible in my opinion. I had encounters where I tuned the cars to a "driveable" level where it wasn't that bad, even then the cars are just behaving odd and in some cases are understeering or oversteering depending on the cars mood. I think you cannot go one single clean race without bumping into at least one or two things without a wheel which would give you more precise movements.

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Loading time:

Now I have a standard PS4 which is not really an up to date machine but since the title is out on it, I think it should run somewhat decent on it(at least thats my thought process) but you get constant fps drops since if you are going too fast the game cannot render objects that fast as you are going so it makes the game lag, which is pretty annoying in pvp for example. Not only, that but if you crash into something or dump the car in the water you get an animation (which also is the back on track option on default) or loading time to get back you onto the road that takes about 7-8 seconds in the worst cases.


Now I was quite happy with being more cars added to the new game but I came to the realisation it's not really more, you just have the same cars over and over in different disciplines. And that wouldn't be a problem since the whole game is built around that but for example Ford has 30 cars in total which has 8 Ford Focuses but in different disciplines?!?! Not to mention the other manufactures in the game which also has this problem. My main point is you really get bored with the game after a while and stop grinding because it just becomes boring.

All in all I am not hating on the game but this game is just isn't good enough to compete with it's xbox rival, or even with the previous title.

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