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[POLL] Drift Race? Here’s a setup that I came up with.

The Drift Race (DFR) concept; a DF activity that uses DF-spec cars in an event system different from regular DF activities, like how the MotorFlix Stunt events uses a different system for its specs than the regular activities in that spec. As the name implies, it's a racing event with drifting mechanics implemented into the scoring system. The focus of DFR for records is the total drift score, not how fast you complete it.

Here's how it works.

It's a 4-vehicle event. This is important as the points system I came up with works best with 4 vehicles, although further tweaking might make it viable for 8 vehicles.

Race layouts are reused from both SR and HC. Not all activities from those 2 specs will be used as a DFR event, but the most viable ones for drifting will take priority.

When the race starts, you will passively build-up points from the position you're currently in. Those points are as follows:

  • 1st: 1,000 PTS
  • 2nd: 750 PTS
  • 3rd: 500 PTS
  • 4th: 250 PTS

10 seconds after the race start, you will get these points every second afterward, regardless if you're drifting or not. These points are added to your total, not your current drift score or combo.

Drifting is the focus, but the racing aspect is also important. As DFR reuses race layouts, there are undoubtedly sections in those layouts that makes endless drifts possible, generating a huge score, and preventing the event from being finished.

With that in mind, DFR events will have a Drift Clock; When the race starts, that clock will have 1 minute. Every time you pass a checkpoint, the clock resets back to 1 minute exactly. You get the passive points as well as being able to do the regular drifting mechanics as long as that clock is not zero. If you're in a drift combo, and the clock reaches zero, you won't lose the points, it'll force the drift combo to end and the points (with multiplier) gets added to your total as normal. This system should encourage players to keep going, while not denying those who found a neat route to use for drifting between the checkpoints.

Speaking of your drift score, they work pretty much as normal in DF events, but with some key differences. First, the drift cooldown timer is increased to 15 seconds, 5x from the norm in DF events. Also, while the multiplier system works the same (and the Hothead and Slippery bonuses work here as well), you'll get additional multipliers when the drift ends (whether by cooldown timer or impact), regardless if you reached the max multiplier or not, and said multipliers are determined by your position, which are as follows:

  • 1st: x25 added
  • 2nd: x20 added
  • 3rd: x15 added
  • 4th: x10 added

This makes it so that getting a high drift score is the priority. That's not to say that getting 1st place isn't important, as doing so add points to the total score:

  • 1st: 100,000 PTS
  • 2nd: 75,000 PTS
  • 3rd: 50,000 PTS
  • 4th: 25,000 PTS

This makes it so that you focus on getting a long chain of combos as said combos, if long enough, will get you more points than the finish line. Having a faster car doesn't guarantee victory here. That said, the finish line points have a simple context system:

  • If you pass the finish line, the points get directly added to your total.
  • If you pass the finish line while in a drift, the points get added to your current drift score, which will get affected by the drift combo multiplier, after which, the drift combo ends.

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