The Crew 2

Step by step of how fun this Summit is

  1. Load the game
  2. Select “Summit” on the “Activities” tab
  3. Wait long loading to teleport you to the HQ (??)
  4. Then select the Summit board and wait once more
  5. Let’s say I want to do the LIVE Xtrem Series Event
  6. Manually equip every single part in each of the three vehicles I’m going to use
  7. Then click the event and wait the loading for the vehicle selection screen
  8. Select all three vehicles (you gotta remember which one you put the parts in since this information is not shown on this screen)
  9. If you forgot to equip some parts you have to take all the steps below anyways since there’s no “back” button
  10. Wait for the race to load
  11. Watch the cutscene for the Live Xtrem Series Event (you can’t skip)
  12. Do tiny mistake on the SR part of the event
  13. Have to restart cause that tiny mistake is not gonna let you get the Divo on PS4
  14. Wait for the loading to the vehicle selection screen again
  15. Select all three vehicles once again (there’s no “restart” option, it’s really a “pick vehicle again” option)
  16. If you click the wrong vehicle you can’t go back, you have to load the race again and then click “restart” again)
  17. Wait for the race to load once more
  18. Do another tiny mistake in the SR section of the event
  19. Restart the race again
  20. Wait for the vehicle selection loading
  21. Select all three vehicles
  22. Wait for the race loading
  23. Remember that SR is only the first section of the event, if you do mistakes on the next sections you have to start it all over again
  24. Remember that people on PS5 are probably in the same pool as you and will get probably better times because of how much lag you have on PS4
  25. Remember that there are people using bugs to get better time on Summits and they will probably not get banned
  26. Remember that people on XBOX are having way less struggle than you and will probably get the Divo with a lot less effort
  27. Remember that people on Stadia will get the Divo anyway
  28. Remember that IVT does not care
  29. Give up?
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Here is some context: I’m on PS4. I’m usually able to stay on Platinum if I put a lot of effort into it. Specially for very competitive Summits such as this one. I’m just venting my frustrations. I feel that performance and fairness (when it comes to Summit mechanics) are terrible in this game, but I do like the game a lot. If you just gonna comment “then don’t play it”, don’t even bother. I just wish developers at IVT would think about quality of life. It’s like I wanna enjoy the game, but they are making it harder and harder.


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