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The flaws of “The Crew 2″s UI … and how to fix it!

Content of the article: "The flaws of “The Crew 2″s UI … and how to fix it!"

I have already talked about the fact that I liked the smartphone menu in the first game a lot more than the menus in the second game. (

Looking at the fact that I still think that the UI is the worst aspect of the crew 2 I wanted to dive deeper into the subject and give some suggestions on how to improve it.

Right away it is obvious that the UI was optimized to be used on console and has very big elements that u can easily navigate from the distance of your couch. Knowing this I must state that I will critique the UI from the point of view of a pc gamer, but I will try to give suggestions that could be useful for every platform.


The basic stuff first. The games UI design stands out through its flashy and colorful transitions. Even though not everybody likes this style the transitions are very smooth most of the time and fancy when you are new to the game. But when you have seen them for the thousands time, they get a little bit annoying so they could be sped up a little bit.

Vehicle selection menu:

Let’s start small here. The vehicle menu is probably the most visited screen in the game so why do I have to press two buttons ‘Esc’ + ‘Enter’ (on the vehicles tab) to get there?

At least on PC you could give us the option to map a button to get there directly.

When you get into the vehicle menu the big problems begin. Do not get me wrong. For a beginner play this menu is great and very easy to navigate. But for an endgame player like me it is terrible. I don’t own every vehicle in the game … but I stopped the time … and it takes me 23 seconds to scroll from left to right through all my vehicles!I know that there are filters to help you find the desired vehicle but most of the time its faster just to scroll there than to use the filters because they are extremely inaccessible. For example looking at the fact that there are over 60 brands in the game searching for the box to tick under the “brand” section takes more effort and time that just searching the vehicle itself.

So how do we fix this without just increasing the scrolling speed? This solution isn’t the holy grail but how about when you press the ‘up’ and ‘down’ key you don’t go between the “select”, ”performance”, ”customize” and ”favorite” buttons of the car that you have selected in the moment but skip the vehicle type that comes before or after.So when you are looking at your street race vehicles you press ‘up’ and the game instantly scrolls to the first drift car in your list -> you press ‘up’ again -> first drag car -> ‘up’-> first hyper car -> ‘up’ -> first rally raid -> etc. (and when you are on the car you want you have to select it and then can choose between the normal “performance”, ”customize etc.”)This would help to speed up the general selection process a lot.

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Scrolling through my 80 street race vehicles would still take a while. So, to get rid of that problem Ivory tower could break the street race category up into “street race – bikes”, “street race – classics”, “street race – modern” etc. and incorporate those groups into the selection system above.

Performance parts menu:

This one has a similar problem to the vehicle menu – it gets worse the longer you play the game and the more stuff you get.

For this one I have some simple suggestions:

– don’t make us press a button to let us see what percentage sour affixes have -> just display them in the left upper corner of the part next to the affix icons.

– give us a function to group parts! (when you have a lot of legendary and want to move your legendary set from one car to another it’s a tedious process and you even have the risk of mixing up two different nitrous parts for example because you just loose the overall view very quickly in this menu.So if I could just group up seven parts and save them as one collection so I can move it from one vehicle to another with like two clic

ks it would be a so much better )

– Allow us to select a rarity and allow us to delete all parts under that rarity by the push of a button.

Map screen:

I do not have a lot of problems with this one. A little thing that hinders the flow of the UI a little bit is that I have to press ‘Esc’ twice to get from the map into the menus and had has a short loading screen when u go directly from the menus to the map by pressing the map key.I think it would be better if the map would be part of the top bar (“News”,”Catalog”,”profile”,”activities”,”options”) … but there’s maybe a technical boundary that this isn’t possible.

Another thing with the map (but this is personal preference): When you scroll out and see the entire US I would like an option to switch between the white map like it is now to a satellite view perspective like it was in the first games map.

Activities menu:

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In terms of functionality this menu is perfect BUT I really have I problem with how the size of the event cards is being used.Every single one of those event cards have a huge slot for a picture but most events of one vehicle type have the same picture over and over again … so why have all this space taken up by those pictures anyway? I mean there are some legacy events like ‘über dam’ that have a beautiful stylized picture in this slot that really helps which event is which.It can’t be so hard to make a picture like this for every event in the game.Especially in PvP such a picture would extremely help newer players but also veterans to know which event they are choosing for the next race. Most of the time you have the option between “skull”,”skull”,”skull” and “skull” (when you are in the street race playlist) … that’s not very descriptive!

PvP Menus:

The whole PvP system was a downgrade from the first game in my opinion. First, why are we stuck on this boring screen when we queue for PvP?! Let us free roam during that time like in tc1! (I would play so much more PvP if I didn’t have to wait on that static queue screen for hours … its terrible enough that the queue often just stop or that you get kicked out of PvP lobby and have to queue again!)

The basic rule when playing with others is: “I don’t want to see MY car because I see it all the time when playing! I want to see OTHER rides and cool tuning ideas! (AND I want to show off my car creations to others!)”But the crew 2s PvP system does its best to prevent this. In the first game you could see your and all the cars of the other people standing side by side in a garage in one view. In the second one you just see your own vehicle in the middle of the screen when you join a lobby. When you are bored you can switch manually between players to see their cars but its never as cool as seeing them all standing together. (Some players don’t even know this what makes it even more boring and tragic).

Even when the events finally start the starting cam makes the best of efforts to only show you your own car and hide the others behind it or block the view with those colorful transition bars that whoosh over your screen.

And when you’re playing you also can’t really get a good look of the others because they are all ghost.

Summit menu:

Its immersive that you can access the summit through a physical location … but I think it should also be accessible (and be directly part of) the overall menu system. Meaning you should be able to look at it by just pressing ‘Esc’ and select the menu and not being ported into a headquarter by the game (The same thing applies to the “LIVE contracts” and the vanity store).

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Another possible improvement to the summit would be if the player had the option to hover over an icon of an event -> press a button and have the vehicle you need to play the event already selected there so that you can tune it. (I know that you can get from the summit to your vehicle list by pressing f10 … but to have the vehicle in question already selected there would be a massive quality of life update)

When we are in a summit event do not makes us select our cars over and over again on retry! Create a select car button for that action.


– Show affixes (with percentages) on the parts

– Show the vehicle types on the parts

– Allow us to sort the mailbox for vehicle types or rarity levels

– Allow us to select a rarity and allow us to delete all parts under that rarity by the push of a button

This got longer than I expected. ^^

Thanks for staying with me. Feel free to add your own ideas!


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