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Ubisoft’s response to Live Contracts

Content of the article: "Ubisoft’s response to Live Contracts"

Hi everyone,

Tuesday's announcement has generated a lot of conversation, and we wanted to start by thanking all those of you who – despite your disappointment – have shared your thoughts in a respectful and constructive manner, both with us and with other players.

The removal of LIVE Contracts has clearly emerged as the main point of contention, and while we know that many won't agree with them, we want to ensure that there's no confusion regarding our reasons for doing so.

The first simply relates to design. The introduction of Daily Challenges meant that we ended up with multiple different daily activity features, all overlapping. It was a messy situation, and we therefore decided to centralize this mechanic within the Motorpass. You will still have daily actions to complete, but of a more varied nature and tied into a wider, seasonal system.

The second relates to rewards – specifically Crew Credits – and thus also to the game's economy. As you will have seen in our description of the Motorpass, the total sum of free CCs available to win through daily & seasonal actions will now be capped at 20,000 per Episode (2 months). Ultimately, this is to ensure that we are able to continue supporting the game in the way we believe is best, for as long as possible. We're heading into The Crew 2's third year, after 7 major free updates and continuous live support, and our hope moving forward is to not only continue this dynamic but also step up the types of content we deliver.

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Season 1 is numbered because it definitely won't be a one-off. We have a lot of exciting plans for the Seasons and Episodes ahead, and basing them around dedicated game modes and a Motorpass – while of course still delivering the same framework of free new events, dual-currency vehicle drops, and LIVE Summits as past updates – ensures that we can plan for the long-term.

Season 1 itself is now set in stone, but rest assured that we're always on the look-out for ways to fine-tune the experience for future iterations. We see your feedback, we hear you, and we thank you for being passionate enough about our game to have spoken up about it.

See you on the road, The TC2 Team


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