The Elder Scrolls

~10 days in, just about to reach level 50. Second set of questions.

First, I just want to apologize for creating another question thread. I see that this sub has a lot of those, and I understand it isn't a Wiki. I've been reading ones when they show up instead of creating my own, but there are still things I'm unsure of.

  • < Crafting gear >
    I've only been using gear I loot because I planned to learn about Crafting post-level 50. Unfortunately, I've recently learned that I then will need 160CP as well, meaning if I craft something at level 50, it will quickly be outdated.
    What would be the significance of using the same crafted level 50 armor all the way to 160CP? Would it be like using level 1 armor all the way to 50 (is the difference greater or lesser?)

  • < A specific type of armor >
    This question is kind of twofold. I don't plan to do any "hardcore" gaming. I enjoy casual random Q Dungeons, open world exploring, boss hunting, etc. So I'm not concerned with optimal, but I do want to be effective.
    I browsed a bunch of stats and found one that I really like, but I'm unsure if it will fill the role I want.
    Fortified Brass is the set I'm aiming to make, but I'm not sure if it will provide me with any kind of damage.
    I would like to be a "bruiser." To be able to deal moderate damage, but also to be on the defensive side so I can soft Tank if needed. Basically, I want to be in the DPS role with the option to play squishy Tank using the same gear set. Is this a viable option, and is Fortified Brass a good choice for that?

  • < Skill usage >
    I've been learning about

    to educate and prepare myself for times it's necessary. While learning this however, I then had to ask myself what the appropriate APM would be without animation cancelling.
    I've been doing rotations during Dungeons and longer fights, using skills in a chain ideally such that they continuously buff the next. But I've also been using a lot of filler attacks just auto attacking between skill usage to avoid draining Stamina or Magicka.
    To me, animation cancelling would indicate that I want to avoid doing this, and I should instead be using as many skills as quickly as possible, omitting things that require the full animation to be cast.
    Is this true? Is it bad to use filler auto and heavy attacks?

  • < Free cam >
    Without going in to detail as to why, let's just say my keybinds are less than stellar to accommodate for some minor physical limitations (AKA my keybinds are absolute shit, but I can't play any other way).
    I use a trackpad and often times it is very difficult to be both moving the direction I look and staying on my target. Free cam means I could be moving away from a target while still looking at it.
    Is there an option to do this?
    The game seems to force "action cam" on you, and for me, it is very difficult to use.
    Explanation of what action cam is in spoiler below –
    The mouse cursor is locked in the middle of the screen. Moving the cursor will move the camera with it.

  • < Bad players in Dungeons >
    At the moment, this feels like a game I'll never get particularly good at.
    One, because I don't think it will be my main MMO (I'm committed to Guild Wars 2). And two, assuming I cannot change the camera (this is a huge issue for me) I don't think it'll be possible for me to improve past a certain point. Unless maybe I throw down for an XBOX controller, which I may do.
    But I digress, how much of a leech am I being, or how often would you consider it a pain in the ass to have a player that's doing poor DPS in Dungeons? I don't often have trouble staying alive, I can read mechanics. But I often feel like I'm dead weight when random Qing with players that just shred everything almost before I can touch it.
    Basically, am I liable to be kicked on the regular if I don't improve?

If you made it through all of this (holy shit I did not expect to write so much), thanks so much for taking the time.


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