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500 Hundred and 1 Demons from the North: First Hand Report

Content of the article: "500 Hundred and 1 Demons from the North: First Hand Report"

Subject: Zaren Grienus

Occupation: Merchant, previously

Residency: Fal-Tarn

Testimony: The water was calm and the day was done so Tali, Varen, and I went fishing. Our favorite was a large island, north of our town. Fog hung heavy over the sea. Our luck was as bad as the crop harvest this time of year when something changed. The winds shifted, the air got colder or something but something got our attention. When out of the fog came a might roar like the fury of Auri-El that knocked all of us back in the snowbank. Thankful the snow was still fresh which cushioned our fall.

Looking up, the fog had parted for two massive ships that were head towards us. A Daedra like head carved and mounted onto the front of each ship. We stood to get a better look at these strange new ships. No one sailed ships like these as far I know. Before the first one landed, we heard from the front of it a voice with the Fury of Auri-El himself shout “FOR SAARTHAL” as a man…. no a Demon leap out of that boat and land on the shores. Tali feel over dead before this Demon’s heavy metal boots hit the cold gravel, shortly after Tali’s head hit the snow. The Demon wielded a massive double-bladed axe in one hand with a shield the size of a wagon wheel in the other. The blood of my friend in stark contrast to the cold grey steel of his axe. Varin stood up and attempted to fight back with what magic he knew. The Demon’s shield absorbed the magic which caught the wielder's attention. Spinning on his heel to face him, The Demon then uppercut Varin with his shield causing him to land in the snow again. The Demon hefted his axe squarely on Varin’s chest with a bone-shattering crunch before turning to look at me. He could easily be as taller than me with the build of a mountain clad in cold grey steel. His eyes burned with the fury of Trinamac from beneath a horned helmet of metal as he pulled his axe free from my friend's body.

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I snapped by and turned around, scrambling up the snowbank. I started running for the mainland and my village, to safety I hoped. But what could stand against such fury? From my back, all I heard was the Demon shouting “NO MERCY, SLAY THEM ALL! VENGEANCE FOR THE SLAIN! FOR SAARTHAL!” Follow by the roar of what seemed like hundreds of voices shouting in unison followed the sound of metal and leather boots splashed into the surf as well as weapons being drawn. Arrows began landing each side of me as I ran as fast as my legs could carry. Aedra protect me from what I saw that day, there was nothing like that fury and hate I saw that day. Aedra protect us all from them.

Addendum 1: Scouts has reported that Fal-Tarn has been burned and pillaged. No surviving villagers. Only one scout made it back, rest reported to have been killed by these “Demons”.

Recommended action: Defense actions to protect nearby cities and supply routes. More information is required to fully assess the threat.


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