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810cp wannabe confed in PuG wins most toxic player I’ve encountered in ESO

Content of the article: "810cp wannabe confed in PuG wins most toxic player I’ve encountered in ESO"

So I PuG’d Fang Lair on norm to get the hang of it as a tank before I did Vet for a monster helm I need for my build.

Players in this are 810 healer, 810 dd, ~380 dd and 510 tank (me).

I get to the dungeon and the healer has already run ahead to take on mobs and the last guy hasn’t even loaded in yet. This is pretty standard before for 810 players in normal dungeons so I didn’t think much about it at first (especially since he was killing them with minimal issue), although it only took a minute or two to debate leaving the group bc it really sucks the fun out of a dungeon. But it didn’t take long for the rest of us to just stick together instead of scramble to keep up with this guy, so I stayed.

Maybe 3 mob fights in (def before the first boss) healer talks on mic to complain about him basically solo’ing the dungeon and how we shouldn’t play if we can’t keep up. 810 DD gets on mic to tell him he’s playing like an asshole and shouldn’t run ahead. Then healer responds by saying “nope, I don’t run with (hmophobic slur)s and I don’t run with (anti blk slur)s”. Then begins singing his own lyrics to the god awful country song he had blaring in his mic since the dungeon started; more specifically lyrics about picking white fluff that clothes are made out of.

My mic was broke so I just typed in chat to kick him. I’m kinda glad I had to type bc I was seething at that point (I’m a black female, so you can prob imagine why) and know my voice would’ve been shaky saying something. I wasn’t sure how to report him through eso since I don’t know any methods aside from being close enough to report through the interaction menu, but at the very least he was gone.

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After he left we 3manned the rest of the dungeon and only wiped twice. The rest of the group was cool/good communicators so I still had plenty fun &enjoyed myself, even if the beginning was rather unpleasant. I also feel confident about giving Vet a go.

Regardless I have no idea why people like that even play. What is the point of PuGging to speed run pissing everyone off? What is the point of PuGging if you’re just going to try and solo the dungeon? And how was this guy able to keep his account long enough to get to 810cp lol? His xbox profile has a warning that his reputation “needs work” so I’m sure his behavior isn’t new at all and he’s been reported before.

Luckily this is one of the few (tho by far worst) notably bad experiences w other players in eso, but still,,, jeez.


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