The Elder Scrolls

A Beginner’s Adventure in Vvardenfell – Part 2

I'm back once again! These updates probably won't be too often, considering it's rare that I currently have so much time to play. I also want there to be enough interesting points, yknow? It's really fun to type these out though, so I'll keep giving it my best shot!

Now, I'm picking up from my fist fight with the slave trader of Suran, Dranas Saratham, where both of us were attempting to beat the crap out of each other with very little success. Eventually, I remembered something I learned back in Balmora – NPCs don't seem to follow you through doors. So I simply left, bought some new weapons, and returned to finish the job. Success! I took the key from him, and to my immense disappointment, it doesn't open the doors inside the slave market. Fine, I'll just have to struggle to lockpick these doors. Ugh.

Well, 5 lockpicks later, no luck. It's so frustrating, I just want to free these guys! I can even start talking to the guy who I originally thought was a Khajiit, but he's an Altmer! No dialogue, but close enough to engage with him. I'm so curious, why is there an Altmer slave? Isn't it usually just the "beast races" like myself? Why is he wearing a hood? Everything is odd about this, and I need answers. But my lockpicking skill is just too low, and I'm going to blow all my money on lockpicks trying to get just one of these doors open. Another thing I'll have to return to, I guess, as much as I don't like it.

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With that, I decided to wander outside of Suran a little bit, and ran into even MORE slaves! Man, what is it with these people? I was hopeful that the key I took from Dranas Saratham would work, but no luck there either. How great would it have been to release all of the slaves right in front of the land owners? Wandering around the manor didn't lead to any discoveries unfortunately, not sure where the key might be. I'll figure it out someday, but it's disheartening that the only slaves I've been able to free so far were the ones in the cave by Seyda Neen.

As I talked to all of the NPCs I saw, I came across an Argonian named Tul. He's an escaped slave who needs my help. How very on theme, of course I'll help! He says he needs to find a Redguard who might be in the area. Seems simple enough. However… I check my quest log and it points out that this seems a bit fishy. And it's right! Why is this one escaped slave hanging out near other captured slaves? There are land owners out here, why is he not worried about being seen? Why is he looking for this Redguard? I don't trust him. So that's a big nope from me, I'll deal with him later. And that's where I have to wrap up for now, disappointed in my failure to save any fellow Khajiit and Argonians. I'll figure it out though! My Nerevarine might not be the most morally upstanding, but there's an added bonus from freeing slaves – saving people, but also sticking it to the man! Do your own work, Nevena Ules.

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