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A better way to do pickpocketing that does not involve random chance.

Content of the article: "A better way to do pickpocketing that does not involve random chance."

This is basiclly just a neat idea I hope might have some sort of simmiler implimentation in the elder Scrolls 6 or could be doable as a mod for current elder scrolls games.

Basiclly its cancer that even as a master pickpocket you can still get screwed by RNG, and making the max possible chance 100% would be a bit too easy imo since then people just become containors so the idea is like lockpicking, give pickpocketing its own minigame/interface.

Make it a pocket which you can see through with each item in the NPCS inventory represented by a coin purse with the items name on it (not sure what you would do for npcs with huge inventories, maybe a backpack), larger items having large purses and thus being harder to get out the pocket without touching the sides. The sides of the pocket containing the pile of purses in the UI sways left and right depending on it the person is moving or not. This tool in this minigame your character uses is a metal hook, dipping into the pocket from the top and going down to fish up a purse and touching the sides of the pocket too quickly, too much or too long alerts the mark like a more lenient version of the board game operation. Could also have a suspision timer that appears if your doing it while seen by people and when totally in stealth having all the time you want. For placing poisons and items into pockets just make it so you can to put the item in starting from the top of the pocket and having to get it to to the bottom, for extra difficulty you could make it so there is collision between purses meaning that moving one could end up moving another in the side though that may be too difficult. Also pickpocket skill would affect how much your hand shakes/moves and by extension, the metal hook.

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So thats my idea, with skill you could have a 100% chance to succed while at the same time not being abusable since you cant just zip from mark to mark robbing a whole town in a minuite. Oh and ofc any failure will be on you, not a random 5% chance to fail that feels more like 25%


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