The Elder Scrolls

A Brief Guide to Contemporary High Rock

I have been blessed with the ability to travel much of Tamriel, from the great melting pot of the Imperial City and proud Chorrol to the freezing Pale and ever conflicted Reach. In many inns my Breton heritage attracts the same question wherever I roam: 'What is going on in High Rock?' and so I have decided to write this brief updated account of the powers that be in this the 200th year of the 4th Era.

The Riven Duchies

The Northern region of Western High Rock is Rivenspire and currently is embroiled in a war: the Dukes of Northpoint and Shornhelm hold highest authority in their cities and are in contention with one another for the title of Riven-King. The Andoraki Duke of Shornhelm is allied with Wayrest while Duke Northpoint is aligned with Farrun, little ground has been made on either side with skirmishes between each side's knightly orders felling many second-born sons of the region's noble Houses.

The United Kingdom of Glenumbra

The Southern region of Western High Rock is Glenumbra and have remained united for two centuries. The King of Daggerfall and Duke of Camlorn hold highest authority in their cities, though there is a shift in power towards Daggerfall which formented discord amongst the populace of Camlorn. A year ago this resulted in an uprising of peasants who killed the Duke before being put down by the Order of the Dragon at the Slaughter of Aldcroft. Daggerfall maintains her rivalry with Wayrest but is hesitant to become involved in the Riven War and is more concerned with her internal affairs.

The Kingdom of Stormhaven

The central region of High Rock is Stormhaven, at the head of the Illiac Bay. The King of Wayrest and Dukes of Alcaire and Evermor hold highest authority in their cities while pledging many nobles of Wayrest plot for power. The Kingdom is uniquely ruled by the half-Elven son of Queen Barynia and Castellan Valadrion, who seeks to usher in a new age of prosperity following the costly rebuilding of Wayrest after being sacked by corsairs thought to be in the pay of the Aldmeri Dominion or a disgruntled noble.

The County of Farrun

The North-Eastern region of Wrothgaria is divided into two sovereign states which have been at peace since the rise of Titus Mede I, despite all Lords of High Rock rejecting the legitimacy of one. The Countess of Farrun holds the highest authority in his city, with the surrounding lands protected by the Orcish lords who constantly war with Western Reachmen. They are closely allied with the Duke of Northpoint in the Riven War yet despite this they continue to cooperate with Evermor, who are pledged to Wayrest, in the interests of protecting the trade route between West and East against Reachman interruptions.

The Occupied City of Jehanna

The disputed 'Hold' is resolutely Nordic, both in culture and populace, . It is ruled by the 'Jarl' of Rothhald who's ancestors invaded during the Simulacrum and evicted many Breton's from the area in a barbaric and bloody manner. Their Nobility are largely considered an extension of Solitude's influence yet are neither accepted as a legitimate region of Skyrim or as a legal Kingdom of High Rock, they tend to concern themselves little with the affairs of other kingdoms and prefer an isolationist and militant policy of preparation for a possible attack.

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