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A cool thing I noticed about Sheo and the other daedric spheres

Content of the article: "A cool thing I noticed about Sheo and the other daedric spheres"

As many of you will know, Sheogorath was made by the other daedric princes as a cursed form of Jyggalag. They basically “created” madness, which brings me on to my next point.

I noticed that all the daedric princes spheres have the potential to create madness.

Azura’s sphere is dusk, dawn and most importantly prophecy. Harkon is a great example of someone going mad over a prophecy

Boethiah’s sphere is deceit, treason and secret plots of murder. It is very easy for a person in power to go mad from paranoia that someone might kill them.

Clavicus Vile’s sphere is the granting of wishes through pacts. And with Vile’s tendency to trick the people he makes deals with, it is once again very easy for the person in question to go mad from paranoia.

Hermaeus Mora’s sphere is forbidden knowledge. Septimus Sigmus is a good example of how knowledge can make one go mad.

Hircine’s sphere is the hunt. Once again the madness is caused by paranoia. This time coming from the fear of being constantly followed, watched and hunted.

Malacath’s sphere is the spurned and ostracised. Rejection can cause many to go mad. It should also be noted that mad people themselves are often the ones being ostracised.

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Mehrunes Dagon’s sphere is change and revolution. Change could cause someone to go mad. I know that I would probably freak out if I woke up tomorrow and everything was different.

Mephala’s sphere is obscured to mortals. Many people go mad out of fear of the unknown. Cthulhu is a great representation of this.

Meridia’s sphere is the energies of all living things. Now this is a difficult one to connect to madness but I think I found a viable connection. Life itself is mad. You wouldn’t see a mad robot but you certainly would see a mad human.

Molag Hal’s sphere is domination and enslavement. Domination can cause a person to go mad. An example of this is Stockholm syndrome.

Namira’s sphere is everything revulsive. This was also a tricky one to connect but I think I did it. Say if someone who had an irrational fear of spiders was put into a room that was full of spiders, they would probably go mad from the sheer trauma that would have caused them.

Nocturnal’s sphere is the night and darkness. It is possible for a person to go mad from fear of the dark and whatever may be lurking inside it.

Peryite’s sphere is tasks, natural order and pestilence. I think the state of the world right now shows that pestilence can make people go mad.

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Sanguine’s sphere is debauchery and revelry. It is all too common for people to go mad over addictions to the indulgences that sanguine controls.

Vaermina’s sphere is dreams and nightmares. It is said her realm evil omens issue forth. Just like Azura, it is entirely possible for a person to go mad by obsessing over these omens.


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