The Elder Scrolls

A Dream of the Diseased Realm

A description of Peryite’s plane of Oblivion given by a Plague Priest of Peryite.

Our lord Peryite’s realm isn’t one for us mortals, not even his disciples. But I shall endeavor to share what I have seen of His Realm.

His realm is a haven of pestilence and perfection. The air itself is noxious to breathe for extended times. The sky swirls with hues of green and purple. The ground is a bleak grey covered with various patches of small fungi, mosses, and slimes of all colors. Massive mushrooms, colored blue, green, purple, and grey cluster in groves throughout the landscape feeding on air. Fields of fissures colored red and yellow breath out fumes that make the air so inhospitable. Wisps and Wraiths that wander the landscape coalesce from the fumes from these Fissures. Pools of bubbling slime dot the landscape, belching their fumes and vomiting up blobs of slime that move on their own around the pools. Merging and splitting at seemingly random. Very little ground is free from any of these features.

Skeevers roam this land in either bands or alone. Corrupted woodland spirits twisted into disease spreading monsters stalk the mushroom forests. Rarely a team of Dremora come out into this wasteland for ingredients for the Master or their master. Their skin and armor are mostly covered with the evidence of the Master’s Many Blessings. Various other creatures of Nirn, Ogres, and Trolls mostly who have become one with our Lord’s Many Blessings roam the land as well. Escaped creatures and creations roam as well though most are hunted down by teams of Dremora or even other creations. Various other lesser Daedra appear as well, from Hungers and Hoarvors those most are removed or captured as soon as they appear by Dremora teams.

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Our Lord has a Keep in the middle of his realm, named “The Orderly Keep”. The Keep reaches high into the sky so he may keep watch over his realm. The Keep is made of regular grey bricks covered in the slimes, fungi, and moss that cover his realm. Angular roofs cover the inner ring leading to the center. The Keep is ordered in 4 rings.

The first is the Outer Wall. The Walls stand tall and proud against the wasteland that is the Pits. Watchtowers with angular roofs at positioned at regular points along the wall. Dremora patrol these walls and slay any creatures that get too close with either spell, arrow, or sword.

The next ring is the Garden of Paradise. Flora and Fauna from realms both know and unknown are found here. Teams of Dremora and Peryite’s own Morntim harvest from this menagerie and garden for experiments of both theirs, their master’s, and The Master’s.

The Morntim are Peryite’s creation, humanoid Daedra like a Dremora yet with the Master’s special touch. Hairless like all Daedra. Eyes of black pits. Skin grey as the plane itself, at least skin that isn't Blessed. As well, they do show the Many Blessings like the Dremora do and are ordered among themselves by their number of Blessings. The most esteemed bear many if not all of the Master Many Blessings. Signs of the Many Blessing include rashes, sores, welts, fissures, seeping skin or wounds, discolored horns, discolored skin, mushrooms or moss growth, extra limbs, and asymmetrical tumors that may pulse or writhe. They possess the Master’s want for Perfection, this they keep private laboratories within the Keep.

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The next ring is the Morntim’s Laboratories. This ring rises higher than the walls yet not as high as the final Circle. Yet as high as they reach, they reach almost as deep. Dungeons, warehouses, laboratories, and passageways make up this ring. Morntim alchemists work tirelessly to achieve perfection in their creations or designs. Whether that be potions, poisons, creations, or diseases. The Laboratories are equipped with the best equipment the Dremora servants can find. Cages made of enchanted cold-forged iron to hold willing or unwilling test subjects, elaborated alchemy setups some as large as the room, to surgical tables and tools.

The final Circle is the Master’s seat of power. A great Tower rises above the whole complex to a flat plateau. The Tower contained the Master’s private collection and storage. Parts of various beasts and plants some not even from the Garden Ring are stored here for his use. As well as test subjects. His own chosen Morntim ensure he has what he needs. He sits on the Plateau at His Cauldron of Endless Diseases. Our Lord is a pale green, slender down to His spear-like tail. His eyes a piercing yellow and snake-like. As large as a mountain, the Cauldron equally as large. He sits tall above His Cauldron stirring it with his tail, testing it ever so often on His assists and His choose test subjects with a flick of his tail. When He creates a mixture that he wants to use, He draws it into a bubble of magic that He sends to a follower of His choice to bless them with His touch. The Tower is as much as Peryite as much as The Pits are Him. Thus his Creations are as much of Peryite as his Realm.

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