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A few suggestions (wishlist)

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Alright, so obviously first off, I have no real say in anything and am obviously don't speak for everyone, this is more or less my personal wishlist of stuff I think would be cool to add to the game or change;

New Classes

Bard – A support class through and through, the bard specialises in providing boons to their allies and banes to their enemies through the use of magic and music, after all, what is magic but fancy words?…

This class would be a definite support class, and would add in a new "weapon" line… Instruments! There could be 3 main instruments; drums which would be used to buff your allies, the flute used to debuff enemies, and the lute as a balance between the two, although not as strong in either category

Of course it would have offensive options too, but it would be heavily leaning towards a support roll

Spellblade – Why use one or another and not both? The spellblade specialised in the arcane martial arts, and would have access to magics to aid in their martial abilities, such as a "bound weapon" so they can dual wield without 2 weapons, or putting special magic into every weapon strike

The main weapons for spellblades would be one-handed weapons, with the free hand being used for magic, with spells like "Bound Weapon" to conjure a magic weapon, or magic to stun opponents temporarily as they attack

This class would be a definite offensive class, centred around high mobility and high damage, using abilities to up their base damage as a sort of self-buff

New Taverns

Okay, so not really "new" but like, added functions so they aren't just aesthetic, something simple to make people hang around them more and not just crafting stations 2 things

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Daily Boost – Something that's global so you only get 1 a day like with crafting writs, do the tavern a small task (clear a nearby delve, or collect them some stuff, etc.) as a new daily task and be rewarded with a small buff of your choosing that will last for a long while, with the buffs being something like 2% more xp earned, or increased luck for drops, or even just some mats and money

LFG Centres – Make it so taverns can be "shared" zones perhaps, or give them a NPC that they can use to help find a group easier. Taverns are meet-up places after all

Functional Housing and Living

The Player Home is semi-functional ATM, as a place for storage, clan bases, and crafting, but why not push it a bit further and makes houses have some "housing skills" even?

Gardening – Sometimes it's annoying to get that 1 more nirnroot, or you don't wanna buy cornflower, maybe you're short a potato for a daily writ… Well with gardening you can grow plants, a simple skill with simple rewards, you plant 1 item, wait, get a return, and to avoid messing with the economy high value plants could have a high "cool down" before being harvestable again, largely a skill for the patient or someone looking to liven up the house, but could be semi useful, especially for cash strapped newbs

R&R – I find it strange how our hero pretty much never rest, why not let them? Let us "sleep" at our houses with beds and then we get a small buff, like 1k extra to HP or something minor like that, nothing gamebreaking but something we could still utilise


Re-Skin Summonables – Please I beg you ZOS, I hate the Daedric summonables, I know they're best for DPS, but they're so ugly and so "same-ish" because everyone has the same exact one, like can we at least get some variation or let us choose a re-skin of them like instead of a Clannfear it could be overwritten with a "Daedric Terrorbird" or the winged twilight could be literally anything else, or the scamp could be a "mini-ogrim", variety is the spice of life after all

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List sources for equipment – "Hmm, I want a robe of necropentance where do I get that I wonder? Time to Google it!" It's can be kind of annoying and definitely immersion breaking for me to have to switch to a browser to find out where to get something, maybe just have a simple hover-over thing to show where items can be found like "Source: Overworld Bosses in Rivensbane"

Buff-Bar – A little bar above our attack bar to display our buffs would be a nice touch, although probably limit it to just buffs with a time under 5 mins or maybe have it in settings to mess with

Fishing Skill – Fishing is a neat activity, why not give it a skill line, give us the ability to craft better bait, catch new fish with new alchemy ingredients, get better chances at those loot containers, possibly more. Basically just a cool thing to add to something that feels cool but bare-bones

It's kind of a lot, but I feel it would be some pretty cool additions, thoughts, concerns, questions, please discuss


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