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A list of ridiculous and funny mods for Skyrim Special Edition incase you want to have a different kind of fun


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Nazeemic – The mod adds bunch of Nazeems to leveled lists. They randomly appear and start attacking everyone, some of them charge at you and explode. The author also has lots of hilarious mods which you shoud definetely check out.

Immersive Lore-Friendly Werewolves – Turns werewolves into pickle rick.

Immersive Fat Idiot Son – From the mod description: Your useless, fat, stupid disappointment of a son will follow you around causing trouble, bringing a new level of realism, depth and challenge to the Skyrim parenting experience.

Spank Dat Booty – The mod gives you an invisible weapon which makes people you hit it with make hurt sounds without aggroing them.

Toony Skeletal Shock Effect – Gives people that effect the cartoon characters get when they are zapped.

Riften – The City of Cheese – According to the author this was a joke started in a Discord server and they decided to make it into a mod which I think is beautiful.

Cheese Magic – Another cheese mod. This one lets you turn people into cheese wheels.

CHEESE HOUSE – Yet another cheese mod. Elianora's most recent posted house mod.

Wolves say bruh – Wolves say bruh when they attack you.

Divine Punishment for Mention of Arrows in the Knee One of my favourites. When a guard says that famous arrow in the knee line, they get killed by a lightning strike from the sky.

Daedric Punishment for Insults Related to Sweetrolls – Another one from the same author above. This one turns guards who say ''Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll.'' into an actual sweetroll.

WOWBAGGER AND THE FOURTH WALL – A super entertaining quest mod! Don't wanna give any spoilers 🙂 You should definetely try it.

WABBAJACK – A Dice Roll Mod – One of the mods the Mad God himself would be proud of.

Phallus Arrows – Dildo arrows from Oldrim converted to Special Edition.

PepeRim – The Pepening – I found this mod while looking for a mod that makes NPCs ugly but stumbled upon this instead, which was much better than what I was looking for.

The Kids Are Potatoes – From the mod description: Fixes the problem of children being potato-faced in Skyrim by turning them into potatoes.

Chaos Edition – Mod adds bunch of chaotic things like randomly launching the player or an NPC into the air (they won't the die when they hit the ground) or sending you back to the dungeon you were about the finish, it sounds a bit frustrating, which is why it has a customizable MCM to change it for your needs, or even disable it.

Brhuce Hammar Legacy – A classic from Oldrim, ported to Special Edition

Positive Undressed Reactions – When you are walking around naked, the NPCs around you will give satisfied and funny reactions to you. Author did a really creative job by mixing vanilla and xVASynth generated sounds.

Eyes Up Here – Makes the NPCs stare at your chest if you're naked, works great with Positive Undressed Reactions imo.

Nicolas Cages – Replaces the texture of cages with the face of Nicolas Cage.

A Giant Leek – Adds giant leeks across Skyrim.

Dwarven Centurions run Windows XP – Dwarven Centurian start up, steps and dying sounds are replaced with Windows XP sounds.

Cabbage Follower – A literally cabbage follower that can defend itself in battle and will not block your path because of its size.

Deadly Cabbages – Another cabbage mod, this one comes as a projectile spell.

FallGuysFollowers – Adds those Fall Guys things as companions from m150, one of my favourite mod authors on Nexus. He also has many cool mods for both Skyrim and Fallout 4.

Sharkrim – Another mod from m150, the mod adds diverse shark based monsters to coasts.

Candy Gore – aka Blue Blood – Turns blood into blue candy with stars. Requires Enhanced Blood Textures.

Mod Organizer 2 – Splash Screen – Changes the image you see when you start MO2 into something…. fun?

dwagonbown goes uwu – I don't know what to write for this lol. Just check the mod images.

dwagonbowns vewy speciaw woading scweens – The loading screen version of the previous mod from the same author.

Cursed Skyrim – Changes many music and sounds in the game into something different.

Baked Beans of Skyrim – The definitive fart mod Mod adds baked beans which you can make in a cooking pot. Makes you fart and causes people around you to react with funny vanilla picked dialogues. There's also a special recipe that gives you a godly power hehe.

Animated Fart Shouting – Another fart mod ported from Oldrim. Changes the animation and sounds of shouts.

Immersive Indigestion – Yet another fart mod, this one makes you and NPCs sometimes fart when get hit, do a power attack or die.

Oops. All Creatures – Changes NPCs into random animals, beware though, it can break certain quest interactions.

CTD on Death (with save deletion and game uninstallation) This mod is no joke. Depending on the version you download, when you die, it will make your game crash to desktop, delete saves and even make Steam uninstall Skyrim.

Swearing Mudcrabs – Replaces Mudcrap souns with f*#k swearings.

EARRAPE bards – Replaces bard songs with earrape versions.

Belligerent Bunny – Adds a simple spell that lets you summon bunnies that will attack people. Can be fun watching them chase kids.

Dancing Coffin Death Music – Medieval Style Death Music Replacer Replaces that ambient sound when you die with that Coffin Death music's medieval version.

Immersive Seizures and Diarrhea A really silly mode that makes people randomly spasms and start summoning poops. It can affect your progress in the game so be warned.

Skyrim Mascot Adds mascot clothes based on popular drinks of Skyrim. Can be bought from Radiant Raiment in Solitude.

Z SKYRIM SOCCER – Lets you use people as if you're playing with a soccer ball.

Z SKYRIM GOLF – Another mod from the same author above with golf instead of soccer.

Immersive Letter of Inheritance – A very simple mod based on the meme ''Press F to pay respects''

Equipable Misc Item – Mod that lets you equip misc items or use them as weapons.

Immersive Swamp God – Turns Talos statue into Shrek.

Uncover Your Mouth – This was a mod inspired from here, Reddit. If you use Unrelenting Force or Fire Breath shout while wearing a closed faced helmet your helmet will blast off and you will stagger or even fly across depending on words of power used.

Fix For Not Being Able To Hear Heimskr From Across Whiterun – This mod lets you hear Nazeem from every part of Whiterun.

Skeleton Trumpet Feet – Changes skeleton footstep sounds to trumpet sounds. Spooky.

Skeever Helmet – I always find this mod fun and creative.

The Erotic Adventures of Misty Skye This looks like an NSFW mod at first but it adds some hilarious dialogues generated with vanilla voices so it seems like it's part of the original game, which is what makes it funny.

Silly Death Physics SSE – Makes NPCs ragdoll like crazy when they die like getting thrown away.

MILK – Many Immersive Lootboxes and Keys – Special Edition – Adds the loot box ''mechanic'' into Skyrim, where you can buy loot chests from any general store merchant.

Clumsykiin – Adds a lesser power that makes your character ragdoll.

(CaN) Crimes against Nature – A classic from oldrim, adds 12 playable races.

SkyBit – A Retro Skyrim Overhaul – Makes Skyrim look more like a PS1 game.

Scrollcraft 8-Bit Font – Changes the game's font into a retro game inspired one, goes great with SkyBit mod above.

Big Head Mode – Makes everyone in Skyrim have big heads.

Eat it – From the mod author: '' Our character can eat dragon souls, so why he couldn't eat a broom? Such a diet for noble hero.'' This mod lets you eat almost anything.

Uncle Sheo Does Legendary Loading Screens – A classic from Oldrim, for Special Edition.

Loading Screens With Extra Sarcasm Special Edition – Another funny loading screens mod ported from Oldrim.

Sweetrollin' – Mod adds variety of sweetroll spells from harmless sweetroll projectiles to the ones that explode upon impact.

Sugar Atronach – Another sweetroll based mod. This one comes as an atronach.

Sweetroll Randomization Act – Yet another sweetroll mod. This one is an overhaul, it adds lots of sweetroll based things like a standing stone, sweet trolls to encounter, addiction to sweetroll and many types of different sweetrolls with cool effects found across Skyrim.

Inappropriate Cell Names – Changes many cell names into inappropiate ones for fun.

Bitcoin Septim – Retextures to gold coins to bitcoins.

Skyrim does the Wilhelm Scream Again – Gives dying NPCs a chance to make the famous Wilhelm scream.

AnimalPajama – A variety of cute animal themed pajamas.


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