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A little help please!

Hello all, i have an issue which is really annoying for me. My npcs like everyone have a slightly difference between the head color and the rest of the body. Its noticeable at least for me and i tried to do everything to search a solution on google to make a clean reinstall but nothing worked! Just to be clear this happens in vanilla without bodies mods intalled, however if i install a body mod like cbbe at least in women seems to be gone and i tried with skysight skins to see if would fix this on males but it didnt. If i install Bijin npcs with any bodie CBBE or UNP this is the result:

I tried removing all the mods and untick, clean reinstal and so on just to be clear one more time. My latest mod list:






"SkyUI SE – Flashing Savegames Fix"

"ElSopa – Animated Celtic Icons 1.2"

"Opt. 2 – Even Wider Rescaled MCM Menu for SkyUI"

"Immersive HUD – iHUD"

"(Part 1) Engine Fixes"

"Engine Fixes – Memory Patch for SSE 1.5.97"

"(Skyrim Special Edition) SSE Fixes v3 for SSE 1.5.97"

"Alternate Start – Live Another Life"

"Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch"

"RaceMenu Special Edition"



"Stay At System Page"



"Better Dialogue Controls"

"Better MessageBox Controls"

"1st Person Candlelight Fix"

"Better Jumping SE"


"Blinking Player Eyes"

"Blacksmith Forge Water Fix SE – USSEP"

"Enchantment Reload Fix SE"

"Atlas Map Markers"

"Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes"

"Armor and Clothing Extension"


"Flora Respawn Fix SSE –"

"Better Harvesting – Flora Respawn Fix version"

"Hearthfires Houses Building Fix"

"Auto Hide Ammo"

"More Informative Console for SKSE 2.17"

"Fuz Ro D'oh"

"Pastel map markers"

"9.0.1 A Quality World Map – Vivid with Stone Roads"


"Smooth Sky Mesh"

"ENB Helper SE 1.5 for SSE 1.5.97"

"Static Mesh Improvement Mod"

"Ruins Clutter Improved SE"

"Ruins Linen Normal Map Fix SE"

"Falmer Temple Chandelier"

"Cinematic Fire Effects 2 HD – SSE – Alternative"

"Underground – a dungeon texture overhaul"

"BellyAches HD Dragon Replacer 1.4"

"Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack"

"High Quality Food and Ingredients SE"

"A. Noble Skyrim – FULL PACK_2K"

"CC's HQ Caves – 2K – 1.1"

"CC's HQ Mines – 1.2 – 2K"

"Rudy HQ – Nordic Ruins SE version"

"Gecko's Dwarven Ruins Textures"

"Blended Roads"

"Enhanced Vanilla Trees"

"Immersive Fallen Trees SSE"

"Fences of Skyrim"

"Fences of Skyrim – Weathered Edition 2K"

"Barbed wire Add-on for Weathered Edition"

"Northern Grass"

"Northern Grass Missing Texture SE Fix"

"Book Covers Skyrim SE – Desaturated.7z"

"Deadly Spell Impacts"

"Pure Waters"

"HD Photorealistic Ivy"

"IVY Replacer 1.1 AGAIN"


"jewels of the nord – high res"

"ETHEREAL CLOUDS – Special Edition – 2K"

"Morning Fogs SSE – Thick Fog"

"Footprints 1.5.3"

"(2K) Skygazer Moons – Masser and Secunda HD Moons by fadingsignal"

"Enhanced Night Skyrim v04 Color Galaxy"

"Skygazer 2K HD Constellations (Bright with Nebulae)"

"Majestic Mountains"

"Dark grey Rapid Rocks"

"Update for both versions"

"Mythical Ages – 1.10"

"True Storms – Main File 1.0.2"

"Mythical Ages – TrueStorms Patch"

"Lightning During Storm Sse V3 (Minty Lightning)"

"True Storms – Minty's Lightning Compatibility"

"Wonders of Weather"

"Wet and Cold SE"

"True Storms – Wet and Cold Compatibility"

"Obsidian Mountain Fogs"

"Skyrim Better Roads"

"Nordic Ruins of Skyrim 2.0"

"Skyrim Bridges"


"Grindstones – 10X Sparks"

"Holy Wards – a retexture"

"Daedra-tastic Rune Spells"

"RUGNAROK – Special Edition – 2K"

"aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Armors"

"aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Creatures"

"aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Dragonborn DLC"

"aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Unique Items"

"aMidianBorn Book of Silence – Weapons"

"aMidianBorn Blades Armor SSE Patch"

"aMidianborn Skyforge Arrow Fix"

"Skyforge Hotfix"

"Bonemold Hotfix"


"RUSTIC CLOTHING – Special Edition – 2K"

"RUSTIC SPRIGGAN – Special Edition – 2K"


"RUSTIC WINDOWS – Special Edition – 2K"

"PELTAPALOOZA Special Edition – FULL"

"SSE High Quality Music"

"Sovngarde – Mist's Font Replacer Bold V8.9"

"Unread Books Glow SSE 2.2.1"

"SSIRT v4.1"

"Constellations Redrawn"

"Constellations Retextured The DLCs"

"DisplayEnemyLevelSE 1.1.2 for Skyrim"

"Viewable Faction Ranks"

"Visual Animated Enchants"

"Mist's Anthology Menus – Dragon Aspect 16"

"Lucidity Sound FX v2u"

"Smoking Torches and Candles SSE"

"HQ Cozy Farmhouses – Highest Quality"

"SkySight Skins – Ultra HD Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes (4K2K HIGH)"

"The Eyes Of Beauty – Player"

"The Eyes of Beauty – NPC"

"The Eyes Of Beauty – Elves Edition"

"The Eyes of Beauty – Vampire Eyes SE"

"Fangs and Eyes Red Combat"

"A Smile HD by MARI SE – 1.3"

"Superior Lore-Friendly Hair HD 2K"

"KS Hairdo's SSE – Male"

"KS Hairdo's SSE – Female"

"Hvergelmir's Aesthetics – Beards"

"Hvergelmir's Aesthetics – Brows"

"coverkhajiits male version"

"coverkhajiits female version"

"FAR – Forgotten Argonian Roots – Females 2k"

"FAR – Forgotten Argonian Roots – Males 2K"

"Argonian – Khajiit FabULook Eyes SSE 1.0"

"Argonian – Khajiit FabULook Eyes SSE 1.0a – Update"

"SV Beaards SE"

"Northborn Fur Hoods"

"Northborn Scars"

"Remiros' Chitin Armor HD – 2k"

"Remiros' Ancient Falmer Armor"

"Remiros' Dawnbreaker HD"

"Remiros' Wabbajack HD"

"Remiros' Bloodskal Blade HD"

"Vanilla-friendly Spellbreaker Retexture"

"Staff of Magnus Hotfix"

"Staff of Magnus HD"

"Vanilla Warpaints Absolution"

"TK Children"

"Simple Children"

"Simple Children Updated Textures"

"Simple Children – Babette Glowing Eyes"

"Bijin Warmaidens SE v3.1.3"

"Bijin Wives SE 1.1.2"

"Seranaholic SSE v1.5.2"

"Valerica SSE v1.7.2"

"Kalilies NPCs"

"Pandorable's NPCs"

"Pandorable's NPCs – Dawnguard SE – USSEP"

"Pandorable's NPCs – Dawnguard SE – grey face fix"

"Pandorable's NPCs – Dragonborn"

"Bijin NPCs SE 1.2.1"

"Ennead Banners 2K.7z"

"Ennead Shields – 2K"

"Ennead – Septims 2K Gold"

"Cloaks and Capes"

"Realistic HD Blacksmith Remastered"

"Embers HD"

"Remiros' Shrines HD"

"Stunning Statues of Skyrim"

"Authentic Legion"

"Authentic Legion Textures HD"

"Ultimate HD Torch"

"Ennead Shadowmarks 2K"

"DB armor retexture 2k"

"Dawn of Skyrim – Director's Cut SSE 1.4"

"RUSTIC SOULGEMS – Special Edition – 2K Unsorted"

"Less Ugly Tundragrass"

"Realistic Horse Breeds by Kritta Kitty"

"More Saddles SSE"

"Lydia Private Version"

"Ria 2.5"

"BW Aela v3.0"

"Glorious Dummies"

"Archery Target Retexture"

"2k Coin Pouch Dark"

"The Great Cities 2.01"

"The Great Town of Karthwasten"

"The Great Town of Ivarstead 1.1"

"The Great Village of Old Hroldan 1.03"

"The Great Town of Shor's Stone SSE 1.03"

"The Great Village of Mixwater Mill"

"Kato's Riverwood – UPDATE 2.0"

"Kato's Riverwood Update 2.0 SMIM"

"Unmasked Faces"

"UNP Female Body Renewal"

"Bijin Skin – UNP"

So can i fix this or should i just live with it? Thanks in advance


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