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A new player with many questions lol

Hey guys! I recently finished all fallout games. I first played fallout 4 and then moved backwards (idk why I just felt like doing it that way). Now before any of the fallouts my first bethesda game was skyrim. Absolutely loved everything about that game, its the best game from my childhood. When I finished playing all fallout games I decided to do the same with all the Elder Scrolls Games. So I started playing oblivion. Mind you I knew next to nothing about the game other than its somewhere in the past (well from skyrim's perspective), that there is some problem with oblivion (the realm), and that you can craft spells. That last part is why I decided to play a mage, and a high elf at that. Now don't hurt me please I know all of you hate their assets but hey I decided to make a good high elf ok? So I made my character and started playing. I watched some "tips for new players" video on yt about attributes and getting started but that's about it. I decided to do everything before the main quest except the dlcs purely because that's the way I usually do it in games like these. Meaning I know nothing about the main story. I have to bring the amulet of Kings somewhere and I need to avoid Kvatch (I learned that I need to avoid it if I want to do everything before the main quest so I did). Now I've been doing… OK, I guess? I have about 20 hours in it so far, I'm level 11, did all the quests in bruma and the South-East town (can't remember it's name, the one closest to morrowind). I've also done a bit of exploring (about 50 location ls so far). I favor to use spells and if it gets a bit tricky I have a sword that I found that absorbs magicka and a shield that reflects spells. All my magic skills except mysticism is above 50 or some even 75. Everything is going fine and I feel like I'm doing good. But. I also feel like I'm missing a lot? Like I want to explore a lot before doing a lot of quests but I learned you can't enchant or craft spells before joining the mages college (at least the one in the imperial city). And for that I need to join all the other smaller mages guilds in the other towns but I don't want to go to those places yet. So I'm at a crossroads there. Another problem I have is a problem that's also common in skyrim. The difference is, I know how to… Well not fix but counter it in skyrim. I have a lotta spells I wanna use. And they are fairly strong as well. But by the divines I have like 400 magicka and it burns through it like nothing. In skyrim I would enchant my stuff so I have a lot of magicka if wearing them. I can't do it here, or at least idk how to. Another question I have is are there no perks? Like I get that you get "perks" after level 25, 50, 75 and 100, but are there no other perks. Don't get me wrong I like this system as well if that's the case I'm just confused about it. Another question is what does luck do if anything at all? Any other locations I should keep an eye out (either because it's cool, useful or to avoid for some reason). And generally any tips you guys can give a not so new newbie? Thanks a lot!


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