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A spreadsheet of NPCs from current mods with my rankings and choices.

Content of the article: "A spreadsheet of NPCs from current mods with my rankings and choices."


Hello. I've been working on this project to beautify the NPCs in my game using various NPC looks overhauls on the nexus, and since I shared it with someone yesterday, I figured why not drop it here in case it's useful to someone. If you like NPCs to look good but not too out of place, and for nords to look different from bretons and imperials, and so on, you may be able to save yourself the silly amount of time it took me to put this together.

As a baseline, I'm using HMB II, with the facegen meshes and textures deleted, and the nonplayer character section deleted from the esp. So just the general improvements, not the ones to individual npcs. Then I'm using Shiva's vanilla NPC facetints. Finally, I installed the mods in the spreadsheet, and went in and deleted the esp entries and facegen files I needed to in order to get the right looks for the right characters. Oh, and I used Salt and Wind where it was available.

For the ratings in the chart, I used a formula to try to be consistent, but sometimes I was tired and made mistakes, and I did change the formula a few times and wasn't always complete when I went back and adjusted accordingly. The final formula for the scale:

  1. Critical failure 😉
  2. Bad
  3. Unsuitable for (my) Skyrim
  4. Unsuitable for the character
  5. Good
  6. Much improved
  7. Author made it their own, different in a good way
  8. Top craft – nailed it
  9. Author took a small risk, and it paid off
  10. Art – author took a big risk, and knocked it out of the park
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This is of course very subjective, and difficult to maintain consistency over a long time with so many npcs. Also, for most of these I depended on looking at screenshots and imagining how they'd look in my setup, so there's that.

Even if you don't like my choices, the spreadsheet might be a useful tool for making your own selections. Enjoy.

I'll list the tens here just for fun.

Northbourne: Aela, Athis, Celann, Dinya, Drevis, Embry, Grogmar, Gularzob, Herluin, Hern, Jenassa, Lob, Ogol, Ravyn, Ria, Saffir, Savos, Sinda, Tekla, Ugor

Pandorable's: Chief Larak, Cicero, Faendal, Geran, Giraud, Gjalund, Madena, Mogrul, Nazir

Eeekie: Brynjolf, Farengar, Heimskr, Karliah, Madenach

Pride of Skyrim: Acolyte Jenssen, Andurs, Arnbjorn, Avulstein, Farengar, Geimund, Jon Battleborn, Geimund, Lokir, Ravam, Silus, Sinmir, Skulvar, Thadgeir, Ulfric

Kalilies: Arcadia

Bijin: Illia, Njada, Rayya, Ria, Sylgia, Tonilia

The Ordinary Women: Alexia, Angi, Evette, Gerdur, Grelka, Hulda, Sigrid, Silda, Tova

Beards of Power: Alding, Balgruuf, Bersi, Calder, Eorlund, Filnjar, Galdar, Hadring, Stenvar, Ulfric, Urag, Wunfurth

Improved Bards: Lurbuk, Sven, Talsgar

Finally I want to say that most of the time I was picking between great choices, and I am so grateful for the work these mod authors did and generously shared with the rest of us. I frankly feel like I'm a part of something special and great when I'm modding my game. Thank you.

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