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A true noble families system mod

Nothing gets me fired up to mod Skyrim like rewatching early seasons of Game of Thrones.

So having said that, here's my mod idea that's probably been thought of before but so far I haven't found a mod like it.

Skyrim is now an independent country, free of the empire yet Ulfric Stormcloak has no interest in becoming High King and is content to rule in Windhelm. There hasn't even been talk of the moot convening. In this power vaccuum, the prominent noble families have seized their chance to take control. They will plot against one another and they will terrorize in their bids for dominance over Skyrim…

It would introduce a noble families system where all the major families in Skyrim (Blackbriars, Silverbloods, Gray Manes, Battle Borns, etc.) are trying to gain power in their respective holds. This could include things like owning land, farms, meaderies, taverns and other establishments, all the way to filling the jarls court with loyal thanes and even becoming jarl themselves.

Each family would have soldiers loyal to them and you may even see bands of them out in the world, patrolling or clashing with each other (depending on rivalries)

If a member of a noble family becomes jarl, that hold then belongs to that family and they command all the forces within it. If the ruling families of two holds become rivals, they may go to war.

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Here's where YOU come in. Once you've completed the Civil War quest line, you will then have the opportunity to establish your own noble house and take on the other families at their own game. Plot against the Blackbriars, or seek the favor of the Gray-Manes and one day you could become Jarl of a hold…

I also love the idea of a physical war camp when you're at war. At this camp, there would be a command tent where you would gather your commanders and issue orders to them like attack, retreat, regroup, etc.

I'm just throwing this out there incase any talented mod author happens to have an empty schedule…


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