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About the Q2 2021 Chapter… (SPOIL) What we know, the theories and my expectations

Content of the article: "About the Q2 2021 Chapter… (SPOIL) What we know, the theories and my expectations"

I first thought with the Season of the Dragon in 2019 that the imperial's turn would come with their very presence on Elsweyr. In the Greymoor cinematic launch trailer, we clearly see two imperial helmets on the corpses in the pit (the one on the left is the same as the imperial Legion archers in the first cinematics trailers and the second is typed imperial): why precisely imperial helmets ? Along with Greymoor, the Imperials are mentioned including references to TES IV. The Potentate's crowned crates are then dataminated, leaving no doubt: for the fifteenth anniversary of TES IV, we will necessarily return to Cyrodiil. The trend is strongly Nibenese: Leyawiin appears regularly on the forums (we hear about it in the south of Elsweyr or as a nod in the western Skyrim to TES IV). Let us also add to all this the "Battle Mage" class which was anticipated as the next class (for an anecdotal outing every two years). A class which was the sixth class during the beta of the game.
With Markarth, things are even more confirmed … Especially since the Reach is an ideal region for a transition to Cyrodiil: whether it is the recent dynasty of the Longhouse or the despot of Markarth who had collaborated with Chancellor Tharn and Mannimarco.

The developers have announced that there will be no more new classes in the game. This will be verified over time. But the idea of ​​a new class which refers to an imperial institution is no longer of any importance given the many other clues.

Like every year, it is one of the final dialogues to the main story of an area of ​​the last DLC that reveals the location of the next expansion. Since the Season of the Dragon, this clue only appears when we have completed the season finale quest which requires having previously completed the main story of Chapter Q2 and DLC Q4. So with southern Elsweyr, Skyrim and Solitude had been mentioned.

For the end of Dark Heart of Skyrim Season, Lyris Titan has spoken: wanting "to go back to Skingrad".

What we know
– During the Alliance War, the Seventh Legion of the Magus General Septima Tharn involved in the annexation of High Rock as well as the search for Volenfell in Martelfell came from the Colovian Estates. The seventh was openly associated with the Cult of the Worm and therefore Molag Bal.
– The West Weald Legion of General Lavinia Axius briefly annexed the Arenthia Vale of Valenwood by decree of the Count of Skingrad and the ratification of the Elder Council. The command was associated with the Daedric sect of Stonefire Cult of Javad Tharn who will have corrupted the Mane, will have associated with the Dark Mane and raised an army of dro-m'Athra. All this to the detriment of troops loyal to the Eight.
– The Colovian army will have taken advantage of the Knahaten Flu and the general chaos on Anequina to annex Riverhold and Orcrest in 2E 565. General Quintilius will have defeated the resistance but we do not know the rest. Subdued territory of the Empire, the two cities as well as Rimmen had to escape the control of the Empire in 2E 576 with the opportunism of the Euraxians.
– The Colovian army tried to annex Valenwood in 2E 580 while King Camoran was restructuring his kingdom. The latter appealed to Queen Ayrenn and the Colovians were repelled by the forces of the first Aldmeri Dominion.
– Lawrence Shick (former loremaster) had described Count Calantius of Skingrad as a cunning and opportunistic man taking advantage of the slightest sign of weakness its neighboring countries to attack (which is consistent with the events of the years 565, 580 and 582 of the second Era) .

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– In the Malabal Tor out of map leading to a small piece of the Colovian Estates, some places were marked such as: Skingrad, Miscarcand, Fyrelight Cave, RIP, Incisor Lair, Nearstrid.
– The Moon Hunter Keep (Wolfhunter DLC) is in the territory of the West Weald.
– The Istirus outpost is in the territory of the West Weald and Skingrad County.
– Places in the West Weald such as: Abbey of the Eight, Blessed Water, Black Boot Castle, Vlastarus or Fort Vlastarus are places in conflict zones in the PvP map of Cyrodiil.

– Skingrad was mentioned by Lyris Titan in one of the final dialogues giving the concrete clue of the next destination. Lyris Titan also says she wants to "go back to Skingrad". Recall that the half-giant was a soldier of the Imperial Legion before joining Varen Aquilarios and the Five Companions. And the Legion seems to be very present there except the seventh and the Legion of the West Weald gone on campaign. Colovia has always been the armed wing of the Empire and carries on the military heritage from generation to generation.
– Like every year, there will be a great mystical threat … And many think of Meridia. I didn't feel her from the start, something bothered me about her invaluable help in ending the Coalescence. We might find Varen Aquilarios there … The Five Companions once again reformed to face this new threat while Abnur Tharn is missing: Will Mannimarco lend us a help this time?
– On the visual of the Potentate crate and cards, we can see kinds of tentacles … Some people think that Hermaeus Mora will be our great enemy. Recall that Graccus, commander of the West Weald Legion, tried to find the Oghma Infinium.
– Euraxia with Rimmen … Svargrim with Solitude … Will Count Calantius of Skingrad be our next enemy? From the point of view of our character who necessarily belongs to one of the three alliances, the Count of Skingrad has the profile of a man to be killed anyway (even if my personal opinion makes me say that he is a hero and a true Colovian leader): annexation of the north of Anequina in 2E 565, attempt to annex the Valenwood in 2E 580 and new attempt in the Arenthia Vale in 2E 582. He will possibly be manipulated or even betrayed.
– Just like Sunhold in Summerset, Orcrest in Elsweyr, Karthwatch in Greymoor, a city will be necessarily occupied or in a sorry state … In any case hostile. It'll be either Sutch, or Sarchal, or some other colony that I'm not aware of.
– If I follow the example of the book "The ruins of Fort Sphinx by Calantius of Skingrad", I deduce that the Count of Sutch is a certain Charonius: "The Cairn of Thibaut and its history by Charonius of Sutch".
– Where will we go for the Q4 DLC? The map of the Colovian States is sufficient for a single Chapter. Maybe Falkreath? But it's already in the Horns of the Reach DLC. Somewhere in the Nibenay? Hmm … No idea, but anything is possible (a Daedric plan?).
– I find that the image used by "Colovian Trooper" in TES Legends reminds me of a Skingrad guard (by the color) but with the possible revision of the armors, I think this idea is now obsolete.
– Is Clivia Tharn there? Has the Council of Elders moved there? The Thirteenth Legion is in good health and can be may return to Cyrodiil. Count Carolus Aquilarios could get closer to the rest of Colovia. Abnur Tharn news in Elsweyr are good. Alliances are weakening. This could be interesting.

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– Like a magnificent Solitude which has passed its version of TES V as a declining city, I expect a Skingrad faithful to TES IV but more imposing.
– No Janus Hassildor just for the fans. This man is not yet born.
– Sutch first appearance. City having been removed from the final development of TES IV because "too close to Anvil and Kvatch".
– Possibly Sarchal first appearance too. I've always suspected the Reaver Citadel as being Sarchal … So I'm not sure what to think. I hope that if the two are linked, the excuse of the city sucked into Coldharbour during Planemeld will not be used.
– More knowledge on Colovians and more information on King Rislav Larich.
– Furniture "statue/statuette of Rislav The Righteous".
– A region very fortified by its role in an Empire in difficulty and yet locally solid.
– The Istirus outpost is visible from the outside and that elements outside the Battlegrounds instance are accessible.
– New style armor: Colovian style or even ancestral imperial … Something for legionaries that is very close or even similar to the armor of imperial Legion in cinematics trailers.
– A Colovian Count Robe offered like the Nord Noble costume for Greymoor or the Noble Clan-Chief costume for Elsweyr.
– New Colovian furniture (which will possibly be called either "Colovian" or "Skingrad") but with the desire that old Colovian furniture linked to the architecture of the Second Empire be made available.
– The architecture of the Second Empire is still visible … The outpost of Istirus as well as some buildings near the wall of Varen have this architecture anyway.
– Hoping that Skingrad banner is not exactly the same as in TES IV. Note that the banner of Kvatch (that of the wolf) seems to be a recently adopted emblem to pay homage to Carolus Aquilarios … There was therefore another emblem for Kvatch before the Wolf of Kvatch.

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Imperial helmets in Greymoor cinematic launch trailer

Potentate Crate

Lyris say : "go back to Skingrad" at the end of Dark Heart of Skyrim Season

Colovia map (theoretical locations of cities)

Colovia zone from composite map of Malabal Tor

Theoretical locations

Istirus outpost

Out of map Skingrad with breton architecture


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