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Added CK ini settings to my Skyrim.ini, edited a plugin and now my game won’t even start! DETAILS INSIDE

Content of the article: "Added CK ini settings to my Skyrim.ini, edited a plugin and now my game won’t even start! DETAILS INSIDE"

TL;DR: Included lines to make CK work with multiple masters on my skyrim.ini by stupidity mistake and edited Rayek's End to add a XHeadMark so I could arrive inside the house when fast travelling there.

My Modwatch.


I'll tell the whole story for context:

A few days ago I decided to look for a way to change where my character would spawn after fast traveling. This because I love {Rayek's End} player home, but don't like that I have to fast travel to it and then head inside the cave.

I mentioned it in the Wabbajack server today and some cultured gentleman gave me some insights and pointed me to

, which seemed really doable for someone with no modding experience besides installing stuff. I decided I'd give it a shot and edit Rayek's End .esp.

I went to Creation Kit and came across the multiple masters issue. Decided to not look like a lazy moron who won't even google stuff before asking and found this thread on the Nexus Forum. I was stupid so I a) didn't check the last page first, so started editing based on the first comments and b) made all the edits in my Skyrim.ini via MO2. Nothing seemed to work, so I asked again in the server and Lively sent me a CreationKitCustom.ini, which fixed things. I was finally able to load Rayek's End .esp in CK.

However I didn't launched the game, so this could be where I fucked things up.

After that, I edited the .esp. Since I've only used it a couple of times before to convert old files, I'll post what I did step by step:

  1. ticked Rayek's End .esp, set as active file, loaded stuff.
  2. Went to interiors space, found the home cell and included an XHeadMarker just like in the video I linked before.
  3. Went to Tamriel space and chose Riverwood since it was the closest place I remebered at the time.
  4. Scrolled following the river until I found the green square M of the cave map marker.
  5. Double-clicked it > Linked Ref > Clicked on the blank space
  6. Re-loaded Rayek's End cell so I could select the marker I placed before, just like in the video.
  7. Triple checked everything and saved the plugin.
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Went all happy to test my incredible mod skills to find the game not even launching. I deactivated the mod in MO2 (on both sides to be extra sure) and the game still wasn't starting. So I thought it was my .ini editing. I tried to backtrack my changes, but it was hard. I obviously don't remember exactly how it was before this episode, but I knew I edited it under and . These are the values I might have added. It didn't helped.

Mentioned it again in the WJ server and was pointed to {BethINI}. Executed it following the instructions to MO users and, again, no luck. Tried the mod recommendations and the vanilla values.

EDIT: I've tried to run the game via steam, the regular launcher and it works. It obviously won't load the game inside the house, but at the very least it starts, I can see the menu etc. Hopefully that's a good sign.

So, that's my sad story. Any insights, ideas, critics are super welcome.

My guesses are:

a) I've really fucked up my .ini settings. But wouldn't BethINI have fixed it?

b) I've fucked up something while editing the .esp. But if that was the case, disabling it in MO would make the game run, right? Also, I guess it would at least launch and CTD when near the cave, finding the marker, trying to fast travel there or something like that.

I haven't tried to reinstall the plugin since my last save is exactly inside Rayek's End :))))) I can do it, just trying to see other possible solutions before this.

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I've been using this list for around 3 weeks and it's been super stable. I really don't think it has something to do with the load order, but here's my Modwatch with all details regarding plugins, installation order and the current .ini.


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