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After 7 years, I finally made my definitive run on Skyrim.

Content of the article: "After 7 years, I finally made my definitive run on Skyrim."

I know nobody cares, but I'm just happy that I did everything possible in a single playthrough on TESV:Skyrim (as far as I know):

On Special Edition, Legendary difficulty, name Lothar, Male, Nord, finished on level 115 with 1802497 gold left.

This run took 276 saves and 296 hours.

Started playing this run on May 18th, finished today September 16th (during this time I took 1 month away from the game tho).

Upgraded all my definitive equipments (Daedric armor set + daedric bow + daedric Warhammer) to Legendary reaching the cap of each one (I played with USSEP, so restoration loop glitch doesn't work) with 2 enchantments in all of them –

Got all achievements;

Fully constructed all 3 houses from Hearthfire DLC (and every shrine in the basement of each one);

Completed all quests that require 90+ in every magic school;

Found all locations on map (including Solstheim and it's hidden locations);

Beat Ebony Warrior, Reaper and Karstaag;

Found all treasures from treasure maps without searching on internet;

Found all stones of barenziah without searching on internet (most of them I remembered the locations from previous playthroughs);

Collected all Thieves Guild Trophies (most annoying shit on game);

Unlocked all shouts, abilities and spells (excluding Heal Undead, 'cause sided with Dawnguard);

Used Wabbajack on the Madwoman;

Fully explored Blackreach;

Completed all 7 Blackbooks;

All "hidden quests" as the one of the rings beneath Winterhold College, the one that gives you the "sailor's repose" ability, deliver Saphire's father letter to her, etc – All done (as far as I know).

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PS: I didn't kill Paarthunax (f*** you Blades), so technically I didn't do ALL the quests… xD

I even converted myself the Valve/Bethesda "official" mod (Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1) to Special Edition so I could grab the core and make the helmet of it beneath Winterhold College. This mod is officialy available only for Oldrim.

Playing TESV since 2013, this is my total of hours spent in the game (all runs since then): Oldrim/Legendary 510 + Special Edition 606 = 1116 hours.

I think finally I can the let game go and just have good memories of it.

It changes nothing in anyone's life, but now I'm relieved and proud. Thanks for reading this far.


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