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Alignment Chart – Morality Overhaul

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Beside the amazing {Skyrim Reputation}, is there any mod, already out or in development, that implements integrates or/and applies the Alignment Chart in any way to Skyrim universe ? Maybe in synergy with Morality related mods like Wintersun and Mods that adds morality-based NPCs in the overworld like Immersive Patrols. Magnitude of Bonuses depends on points you have based on the choices, quest completed and general actions. Or even based on the race you are playing and the race of the NPC: A choatic Good Nord is seen more as a Robin Hood by lots of people, while an Argonian with the same alignment is seen by a Racist Nord as an opportunist.


-Chaotic Good Obtainable by : Help people in difficulty, do not respect Law, Kill tyrants, Have mercy for the last bandits that ask you to let them live. Steal to the Riches to give it to the Poors. Pray non Law-related dieties or Talos. Kill Thalmors but not Imperials. Take money by stealing.

Bonus : Better Prices/ No Help from Guards/ Thieves Guild Member may help you in battle/ Bandits may not Attack you and share their Bounty and while you around become neutral in a X feet area not attacking. (So instead of having Guards always on your side if you do not break the Law, Now Bandits/Thugs will have compassion. Some Poor people let you enter in their houses and hide you from the guards if they saw you stolen. Choatic Deities and Good Ones have a +X% bonus for their blessings. Kill the Thalmor. Stormcloak in the camps or Patrols may accompany in your adventures (not racist ones). Pickpocketing/Restoration/LightArmor are X% better. You get the the lesser power "The Citizen Choice": stagger Guards/create a fog/Citizen will block Guard movements.

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-Balanced Good ("True" Good) •Obtainable by : Help any people. Avoid having confrontation with the Law as much as possible (no stealing nor capturing the "baddies"). Have a mix of kill all the Bandits and have mercy of their soul. Pray to the Divines or Good Deities. •Bonus : Good Prices in General (not from Baddies Shops)/ Help from Citizen and Guards/

-Lawful Evil • Obtainable by: Do only quest to help Tyrants/Landlords/Bandit Boss/Thalmor. Exterminate every single Stormcloak. Recive the blessing from Zenithar/Meridia/Julianos and other Law related deities. Never steal nor break the Law. Earn money working.

•"Bonus": Very High Prices from Shops, Tyrant or Rich people will give you gift (Maybe through a mute dialogue "Here's a present for your splendid work"). Bandits will attack you on sight, but you have the optionDialogue/lesserPower to enslave the ones that surrend to you and use them as "ally" in combat. Imperials don't like you. Imperial Guards enjoy your work but fear you. Stormcloak hates you. Stormcloak Extremist Attack you on sight. You are really not welcome in Windhelm. Thalmor Patrols may help you or join you.

  • True/Lawful/Chaotic Neutral: True Neutral is the beginning. But it will change immidiately once you choose to side with: –> Lawful N. If you follow Hadvar –> Chaotic N. If you follow Ralof

I don't know about Dawnguard or Vigilant of Stendarr Patrols: They are higly related more to a status rather than a morality. True Good Vampire may have %X to not being attacked to VoS but have an higher chance to be attacked by DG.

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I know it's maybe too big, but anyone knows anything similar to this ?


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