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All Geared up derivative and custom race…I have a problem and none of my attemps has solved it unfortunately :-(

Content of the article: "All Geared up derivative and custom race…I have a problem and none of my attemps has solved it unfortunately :-("

Hello everyone!

Could someone please help me with all geared up derivative and the custom race Geralt of Rivia from the mod Withcer experience enhanced?

This is Allgud:

This is the mod with Geralt's custom race:

There are two Geralt custom races in it, one using Witcher 2's meshes and one using Skyrim's body meshes and Geralt's face alone. I use the first race with the witcher 2 meshes (because the second race has an annoying clipping of Geralt's face with the basic Skyrim faces and there is an annoying flickering in the game). In xedit, in particular, the first race is "withcer geralt race", the second "witcher geralt race (skyrim)" and of this there is also a record of the race "vampire witcher geralt race (Skryrim).

The problem is that I can't get Allgud to work with the custom race that I'm using "witcher geralt race", because if, for example, I hold the sword the bow is displayed under my feet or vice versa.

I installed XMPSE skeleton in my game and Allgud works very well with Skyrim's vanilla races.

To make Allgud work with Geralt as well, I tried to make three attempts using the information I discovered on the Allgud nexus and in the Allgud and custom race articles I found on reddit.

The three attempts I made, however, did not work and I always had the problem of the weapon at my feet.

I report here the attempts I made (which are separate attempts from them, after having made one before trying the next I would restore the previous situation), in case any of you can help me by telling me if I have done something wrong or if I should do something that does not i still did.

  1. I made a patch in xedit to add Allgud armor addons to Geralt race and then do the script in xedit to patch the custom skeleton. In particular, Geralt's custom skeleton is placed in "meshes / witcher meshes / actors / character / character assets /". I then used this path as input in the skeleton patcher and as output I used the following path: new mod named "Allgud Geralt meshes" / meshes / actors / character / character assets /, which is the same path where it is installed, as far as i understand XPMSE skeleton. The skeleton patcher, however, reported in messages that some of the nodes are not active in my skeleton. I think the nodes of the sword on the left side. Now I don't remember but the warning was for four nodes and then it said that other nodes were fine.
  2. I changed in xedit in witcher experience esm the path of Geralt's skeleton with actors / character / character assets / skeleton.nif and I made the same change in the other mods where I used the Geralt race to make patches. I did not script the skeleton patcher in xedit because I think I understood that, having indicated the path of the base skeleton, the XPMSE skeleton, it would have been superfluous to make a patch for the skeleton already done (as I said I have already used Allgud with other vanilla races and XPMSE characters and everything was fine).
  3. I copied the XPMSE skeleton.nif and pasted it, replacing with it Geralt's skeleton in the path of point 1. I then ran the nemesis run.
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Sorry for the very long message and my terrible English :-(, I hope someone can help me, especially help me to understand:

– if I did the above attempts well, I am very inexperienced with xedit;

– what are the nodes of the skeleton;

– why does in Geralt skeleton xedit say there are no nodes?

– if it is possible to replace Geralt's skeleton, in case it is not possible to fix the non-functioning nodes, with a vanilla skeleton or with XPMSE skeleton to be able to use Allgud (the attempts 2 and 3 that I have made I think they had this goal but they do not have worked).

I also add a clarification regarding Geralt's skeleton (witcher geralt race I am using) which maybe it can be useful to understand the problem with Allgud or to understand something about the custom skeleton that I do not understand: while I was playing I noticed that, silver which is added by the mod it appears on Geralt's shoulders along with the steel sword, but when I use the sword, Geralt pulls it out of the scabbard with animation from the left side and not on the back; also, the steel sword that I see on my back I can't use it, it seems to be only decorative; when instead I used a vanilla race (north) and equipped the same silver sword I noticed that the two swords were displayed on the left side of my character and not behind him like in the Geralt race I used.

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Thanks a lot 😀


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