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Always heard that the skyrim modding world was great and deep.

Content of the article: "Always heard that the skyrim modding world was great and deep."

But holy f'ing hell, I am so impressed. I just assumed that meant that there were a lot of really good mods out there for the game, but what I did not realize was how organized and how structurally sound the community is as a whole. You guys put every government to shame. I'm fairly noobish to PC gaming, and absolutely a noob to getting mods for any games. My past experiences have been that getting mods was a risky game of will I improve my game or will I ruin my entire computer trying to get a single mod? Hearing about how deep the mods are for this game, I imagined that meant at most I could manage to find a way to get 5-10 mods to work for this game, which is better luck than I've had with other games.

But then I started. Bought a probably basic "gaming" laptop a little over a month ago just to help me get into PC Gaming some. Downloaded Steam, started acquiring games, found my PC wasn't having problems with any of the games. Learned about Epic, got some free games from there. Saw a deal for Square Enix selling a huge list of games for only 40 dollars, so I got that. Tried XCOM 2, Life of the obra dinn(to try something else new). Then with getting mods, I had success with getting mods for Sims 4, but I went overboard and made the game become more boring. Tried getting the Lord of the Rings mod for Total War: Medieval 2 and totally botched it, now making the game unplayable. Then got a few mods for XCOM and Hearts of Iron 4 off steam workshop. That's my entire mod experience besides like 12 years ago when I was 16 and botched GTA: San Andreas mods(I only played GTA: SA on the computer for like 15 total minutes too if I remember correctly).

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Anyways, I've been having fun with the games I got… the strategy games like Civ 6/HoI 4/Total War make time fly by in a dangerous way. The new Tomb Raider games are amazing, XCOM is always fun even if I'm terrible at it. Sleeping Dogs is pretty dope. Also, I have like 50 games I've never even opened(and most will probably never get opened because they're mostly filler from the Square Enix deal). But then I saw Skyrim: SE on sale for 10 dollars last week. Had played it a little bit during my first year of college 9 years ago. So I bought it, downloaded it, opened it on steam. Saw I could get mods right from the game itself. So I got a few from there. Then I googled into it to see which mods I should get, and that's when I found about the Nexusmods page. Decided I would try that and Holy f'ing shit. I'm just absolutely blown away by this. I've gone from being super cautious and only getting a mod here and there five days ago, to just going 'willy-nilly' with mods. And I'm just amazed by how simple and fairly streamlined it has been. I've only had a couple problems and I managed to get by both of those. (I DL'd SKSE and didn't know I was supposed to use the SKSE.EXE instead of Skyrim.exe for several days lololol). I just can't stop playing now. I'm probably going to ruin my life with this game (HA kidding, I don't have a life to ruin right now). I've made it into the game about the same amount I made it when I played in 2011, but I'm having soooo much more fun doing it this time around because of the mods. Anyways, this entire rambling post is just to say how impressed I am with the entire Skyrim modding community. I don't think it is too overdramatic to say that this is changing my entire approach to gaming, in general. So thank you to each member of the Skyrim modding community.

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TL;dr Skyrim Modding Community for President 2020.

P.S. I've downloaded everything to my Program files, which I'm just now finding out is bad. What's the solution there? Feel like just moving all the files out of the Program files is probably not a simple thing to do(although, this entire experience has been about realizing things I thought were overly complicated actually are made simple with this game, so maybe)


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