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Amazing Follower Tweaks: No Dialogue Menu (Skyrim SE PC)

Content of the article: "Amazing Follower Tweaks: No Dialogue Menu (Skyrim SE PC)"

Firstly, thank you to this sub and everyone that helped me get my first modded game going. I have been successfully running for a short while and have had no issues so far (haven't tried everything yet), except with AFT. There were messages popping up sometimes saying something about a possible mod conflict but wasn't sure what was going on.

I have had two followers. First, I interacted with "Sofia" (mod follower). Installed either after or with AFT (can't remember which). Didn't try to use AFT options with her since she's a mod follower, and I don't think there were any anyway (though I don't know what her base dialogue menu is perfectly). Then I just reached the point where I unlocked Lydia, and I asked her to follow me with Sofia still following.

The AFT menu is nowhere to be found with Lydia. I dismissed Sofia, no change. Dismissed Lydia and asked her to follow again, no change. The in-game readme book and spells do show up, though I haven't tried the spells, except on Lydia, which showed up a warning saying it was not needed so I canceled that.

Re-launching, a warning came up when I asked lydia to follow again. Didn't have time to read it all but something along the lines of "TweakRecruitNeutral Parameter missing (mod conflict?)." Then dismissing it says "Unable to dismiss through AFT (mod conflict?)."

I was wondering if moving AFT down in my load order and creating a new bashed patch would be safe, as recommended in the in-game readme book. The main problem with that is that in the AFT mod page it says to put it above Sofia & a couple other mod followers.

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I have RDO (pretty much required for mod argonian female followers) but have the AFT/RDO patch. Seems like a likely culprit.

Any tips?

Mod list (mostly ordered by LOOT except mods it didn't seem to pick up and patches moved low; but LOOT seemed to just put my first installed mods first for the most part); starred & all-capped likely culprits and relevant mods:




Creation Club: Winter

Creation Club: Survival Mode (not activated in game)


Address Library for SKSE Plugins

SSE Engine Fixes

Classic Sprinting Redone


A Quality World Map


FNIS Spells

FNIS Output

**RELATIONSHIP DIALOGUE OVERHAUL** (some functionality turned off in game, mostly needed for other mods)**

TK Dodge

Combat Evolved

Ultimate COmbat

Wards Functionalities Extended



Ordinator – 50% More Perks

**OPEN CIVIL WAR** (have not yet interacted with in game)

Immersive Weapons


**IMMERSIVE PATROLS** (have not yet interacted with in game)

Animated Armoury



Argonian Hearthfires


Light Horses of Skyrim (NON-replace version)

Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons


Ish's Souls to Perks (not interacted with in game yet)

Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K

Cathedral Player and NPC Overhaul – HMB II

Argonian Flatbows

Rapier and Dagger SSE

Raven witch armor

Silver Dragon armor

Immersive Armors

Volkihar Knight – Vampire Armor

Hammerfell Armory SE

ComfyKnight for SE – Faraam Knight Armor

Treasure Hunter's Garb (main piece equipped onto Sofia, in case that matters)

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Bosmer Armor Pack

Bosmer Armor Pack Fixed and Balanced

Black Mage Armor

Drow Specialist Armor

Talos Housecarl Armor Pack

Redguard Noble Armor




Animated Armoury – Spear and Rapier Patch

Animallica SE

Ordinator – Perks

Apocalypse – Ordinator Compatibility Patch

Bashed Patch

After writing that out, I may have gone overboard. And yes I like the lizard people a lot.

Edit: Turns out I don't know how to bold in Reddit. They are marked by "**" and all caps. Edited text accordingly.

Edit 2: Dismissing Lydia actually bring a message that begins with 'RDO.' (something like "RDO: Unable to dismiss through AFT (mod conflict?)."

Edit 3: Cast the AFT spell on Lydia to test (didn't save that, so shouldn't affect when I load up my save prior to it). Still didn't give the options, although the warnings loaded. At one point when dismissed there was a "manage through AFT" dialogue option. But I was testing and first tested asking her to follow. Then, the dialogue options went back to no-AFT. When I dismissed again, the dialogue was still no-AFT.


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