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AN ACTUAL EASY WAY for PvP-fearing players to go get 4 tickets every day.

Here's the deal. You get two tickets from an Imperial City quest, and you get two tickets from a Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds Quest. Every day.

Why aren't we doing Battlegrounds, because it's so easy? Because, right now, it's not. My wife isn't bad at BG, but she wasted an hour trying to do her first BG quest, which required her to win two, I believe. Any way, imagine if you PvP and this is your only time to get tickets without doing bullshit stuff. Theere are a lot of PvPer's playing yesterday. So, BG can be totally random whether it goes fast for you or not.

Focus, it's easy.

  1. Port into the Imperial City. Choose the campaign that has most of your color and least of the other two colors. Don't worry, this is pretty PvE-safe.
  2. You are in the sewers in your Alliance camp. Open the map, you see the sewers. Zoom out, you see the city. Find what pie slices your Alliance owns. Find what looks like the safest one, not being attacked (Main building is not on fire). Find the name of that pie slice. Arboretum, or Temple District, etc. Maybe, furthest from any other Alliances.
  3. Find the room in the sewers with all the ladders going up. Find the pie slice by name. Find the ladder to the pie slice which you chose. Go UP.
  4. NOW YOU ARE AT THE QUEST GIVER. You are safe on an elevated area. Take the quest. You don't know which is easiest so just take the first one. The quests have second parts, so you can't choose the best one, knowing what you know.
  5. Look down at the chaos. You are safe, no one can get up there. Jump down and die several times trying to do your goal. It's fun.
  6. When you die, choose a respawn point (not so safe, you may end up across the map), or just "Release", and return to the sewers, and then go back up to the quest giver.
  7. Repeat this until you have the quest. Next time you die, release and go to the sewers and turn in the quest. Boom, two tickets. Or, another way to get back to the sewer is to find the sewer grate in your "home" pie slice, which may not be the one you chose to fight in, so good luck. Release is safer.
  8. Every time you die, you lose Telvar Stones. Guess what, you don't care.
  9. Guess what, do two quests from two different quest-givers, and just turn one in. Tomorrow, you have two free tickets, just port into the sewer base and turn it in.
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And now for the other two tickets.

  1. Be Ebonheart. Enter a standard cp campaign which favors your alliance, using the little population graphs by the name of the campaign.
  2. When you get to Cyro, open the map and find Cheydinhal. Find the Transitus shrine which is like a wayshrine out in the open, and go to the closest keep you can teleport to. Get on your horse and run like hell to Cheydinhal. It is scary, but not after a few times. Not at all. It is not scary after a few times.
  3. If you are another alliance– If you are Yellow/Aldmeri– go to Vlastarus. If you are Blue/Daggerfall– go to Choral / Weynan Priory.
  4. When you run into the town, you may enter on the wrong side of the river. You will see bad guys, DON'T PANIC. The town is full of NPCs like a delve, no biggie. Find the side of the town that has the nice guys. Maybe get a free sky shard. Have some fun.
  5. Find the two quest givers. Take two quests again.
  6. Some are so easy, you swim across the river, kill four archers, and swim back. Etc. Very easy. In Cheydinhal, I kid you not, you can do three quests in 15 minutes some times.
  7. Turn in one quest, save the other for tomorrow. Leave your character in the town, if you can. There's a chance if the campaign isn't busy (yeah, right….) you'll spawn by your quest turn-in, tomorrow!
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How's that?

That's as quick as it gets. I left my characters standing around Cheydinhal yesterday, and I got all four tickets on TWO ACCOUNTS in about half an hour this morning before work.

I am getting better at BG and I like to do the Imperial City sewers with my wife. But if I am farming tickets on two accounts, this is still the fastest way for us.


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