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An argument for a class change token, as told by a real life idiot.

I started playing ESO in mid-July of this year with a good old fashioned Imperial Templar of the Ebonheart Pact. I built him tanky, eventually respecing him into a full-blown tank for use on trials. I did a lot of story, exploring, and delving with him. I maxed out all my guild lines, found every skyshard, did antiquities, I researched every trait, maxed my crafting skills, learned 42 full motifs, all that jazz. I just forgot one critical component of making a character.

This character isn't built for story or overworks content. In fact, he kind of sucks. Few offensive capabilities and few friends to adventure with means I'm stuck using this character as a tank for group content, and as a harvester/treasure hunter/crafter. I can't progress further into the reason I bought the game on this character.

So I have a second character trying to do it all over again. A Dark Elf Dragonknight without any single-target abilities to his name. Only this time, I built a better character because now I new what I was doing. And I love my Dragonknight for day-to-day play, but I'll always need to keep my imperial templar because of what I've already done on him. Pact story through Eastmarch, every skyshard, 9 trait crafter, things that require this character to exist. Reacquiring those things is too time consuming or cost-prohibitive to replicate. We'd be talking about thousands of dollars or absurd times spent buying research scrolls, guild lines, and area skyshards. Now, skills and skyshards I can live with getting again, I enjoy the hunt. But for the sake of this argument, we'll divide content into three categories: I would enjoy repeating now, I would not enjoy repeating now, and I am incapable of repeating.

I enjoyed skyshard hunter and Tamriel Cave Delver. That's something I could do on plenty of characters. It doesn't matter much who I do them on as long as I have a damage output and survivability enough to actually complete those tasks.

But story? I wouldn't mind repeating, but I have so much left to experience before I can make a whole new playthrough. I don't make a new Skyrim character every 3 days to replay the Thieves' Guild questline (I do it for other reasons). I want to play Orsinium, and Morrowind, and Dark Heart of Skyrim, but I want to play them on a character I enjoy playing those kinds of content in, and my "main," my crafter/tank isn't it.

And then, of course, there are things that cannot be done again. Relic Runner? I can't get that title on other characters now. It's gone forever, and I only have it on my crafter of all things.

I know that a character change token is a topic of debate in the community, and ZOS said they won't do it, but I want to take a moment to discuss some of the common arguments I see.

1.) Why change classes at all, most of this stuff doesn't take that long just make a new character: misses the point. I don't WANT to do it all again, not yet at least. and I want to be able to show off the things I've already done on the character that people are going to see me playing.

2.) This will just lead to hyper-meta chasing and changing classes with every patch: people already do this. You're given 8 character slots and it only takes 6 to have one character of every class in the game. Use your fairly easy to earn gold to respec attributes and skills at a shrine every patch and you can continue to be exactly as meta-hugging overpowered as you'd like.

3.) It will remove the consequences of poor character planning: as I mentioned above, I can spend in-game gold to fix any mistakes within my class, and crowns to preempt other issues. I can pull out my debit card and remove almost any consequences from the game. Buy every skyshard for perk points, scrolls for research time, guild lines to skip quests, I can change my race and my alliance, it just takes money. And repeating the accompaniments of a grand master crafter could take thousands of dollars.

4.) It takes thousands of dollars to rebuild characters, why wouldn't ZOS want your money: it's thousands of dollars that thousands of people aren't willing to spend. It is easier to ask 10,000 people for $1 than to ask 1 man for $10,000. In ESO, a race change token and Grand Gold Coast XP scroll combined with a race change token is a much more palatable 7-8k crowns for a lot more people. And a lot of people (at least, that I've spoken to) would like to at least know they have the option.

So maybe I just don't want to do the research and motifs for Grand Master Crafter again? Maybe I should have thought about my class and build before investing time I to time-consuming content. An argument can be made that this is my fault, but I can already pay to not do a lot of stuff again, I just want to be a Dragonknight and a GMC on the same character.


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