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An Elder Scrolls Tabletop RPG System

I’ve been trying to design one, with the help of a couple friends, and I’m more or less proud of what I’ve got so far. I didn’t see any rules against posting this sorta thing, so I’m gonna type out some of the stuff I’ve figured out so far.

•Skill Checks: Similar to D&D, skill checks are decided by the roll of a D20, and the only Skills that you have to roll for are Archery/Ranged Magic, Pickpocket, Stealth, Lockpicking, and Speech.

For Lockpicking, as an example, you’d have to roll a 15 to successfully pick a lock, and for every level of lock, that level of difficulty increases, +1 for Novice locks, +5 for Master, so at a Novice level you’d have to roll a perfect 20 to actually pick a Master Lock. But! Every 5 levels in a given skill gives your character a +1 in checks related to that skill, so, at 100 Lockpicking, you wouldn’t even have to roll to pick a Master Lock, since you’d have a natural +20 to any Lockpicking roll.

•Combat Turns: In a combat situation, you have the option to take a Defensive action (Blocking or Dodging something), an Offensive action (shooting an arrow, swinging a sword), and a Movement action (Sprinting, Rolling, Jumping), OR an Alternative Action (drinking a potion, casting a Flesh Spell) in place of the Offensive or Defensive actions.

So in a turn, for example, you might block an attack, run away, and drink a potion.

Certain actions (swinging a weapon, running, blocking an attack) cost Stamina, which you’d have to keep track of as a player, but that brings me to the next thing!

•Character Stats: By default, every character starts with 10 Magicka, 10 Health, and 10 Stamina/Fatigue. Each one is drained in specific ways, but, by keeping the numbers small they stay manageable, at least, moreso than my original idea. I might have some Races start with different amounts (Orcs would have more Stamina than Magicka, for instance), but that’s down the road.

Every 10 levels a character gains in any skill, they can choose to gain +1 in one of those three major Statistics. For every 5 points you have in one of said statistics, you gain 1 point of that stat back per turn, excluding Health. That means, at default, every race gets 2 Magicka and Stamina back per turn. Health, in contrast, doesn’t regenerate in combat for playable races (excluding Enchantments and Racial Powers)

•Magicka Costs: So for this, because of the smaller numbers, I knew I had to have spells have smaller costs, so I decided to keep it mostly uniform: Novice Spells: 1 Magicka Apprentice Spells: 3 Magicka Adept Spells: 5 Magicka Expert Spells: 7 Magicka Master Spells: 10 Magicka

The spells themselves have varying damages and effects, but the costs stay the same, more or less; as skill levels go up, costs do reduce.

•Health: So, instead of just flat out dying when health hits 0, you kinda get stuck at 1 HP, at which point you’re incapacitated. An enemy at this point, could capture or kill a character, or an ally could interfere and scare the enemy off, giving you a chance to heal and get back into the fight. While incapacitated, you’re stuck in that state for at least 1 turn, I might put in a saving throw system to see if you can get up and back to it. The same is true for if you get enemies to 0 Health.

So, yeah, that’s some barebones concepts for what I had in mind. I’ve got more details, like stamina costs, weapon and armor stats, an Enchanting system, but I didn’t wanna write an even bigger wall of text. I’d love some feedback if anyone’s willing, and if not, thanks for reading!


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