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An idea and description for “Quick Helgen Escape” mod (if there’s no one like this yet)

Hi there. Since most of my friends like TES series as much as I do, recently we had a discussion on the beginning of the game. We argued a little about who our protagonist should escape with and came to a conclusion that if our hero escapes Helgen alone he or she becomes as free as it possibly can be. There's no fighting in a long dungeon, no Ralof or Hadvar who involve you in this civil war bul..nonsense, no mission for you to report about this dragon to some Jarl in some city. There's just you, the roads of Skyrim and nothing else.

As you can see, I'm looking for a mod which does something like that. What if you've found a little crack in Helgen's walls which nobody have noticed and managed to escape from it? And torn bounds on your hands on a nearby sword. Well, why not?

Since there's so much additional info, I'd use some good reddit formatting.

Getting back on main quest

Of course, your unexpected escape should be noticed by the game and you should be able to get back on main quest's track. If this mod doesn't exists and if my post will encourage anyone to do this (since I've got no knowledge of how to do it myself), I've got some ideas of how it should work:

  • After a few days (maybe a week), every city of Skyrim should contain a note near city entrances that Jarl of Whiterun looks for anyone who can provide information about a "mysterious destruction of Helgen". This will trigger the quest Before The Storm.
  • Only "I have news from Helgen. About the dragon attack." dialogue option with Jart Balgruuf should be available. Well, since there's nobody who sent us to do this. In this case, we're really going to do it "on our own initiative" 🙂
  • Additional troops should appear in Riverwood after two days after Helgen attack. Even without our hero's appearance Jarl Balgruf understands that his town is under a mysterious danger.
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Possible problems with the main plot logic and how to possibly solve them

Sadly, there's no way to escape Whiterun part of the main questline at all. If we want to have the main plotline in the most of it's content without re-making it completely, it should involve Delphine and The Blades (no, saving Paarthurnax is a different mod, I know what you're thinking). If we want to involve Delphine, she should get assistance from Farengar. To assist Delphine, Farengar should have a Dragonstone. To get the knowledge that Farengar needs Dragonstone at all, we need to visit Jarl Balgruuf. And I'm not even mentioning that we are capturing a dragon into the Dragonsreach.

Also, some people may ask a fair question: what about spawning dragons all around the world if we choose to not to go to Whiterun to start this chain of events that will bring dragons into Skyrim? Well, I decided to put all this hard-to-think-about information in spoiler. I mean, if we kill a Dragon, we get his soul, right? If we get his soul for the first time, we can shout, and after we shout for the first time, we are summoned by The Greybeards. But we don't know who Greybeards are – it's up to Jarl Balgruuf to tell us that. We can somehow find out what should we do with this summoning and where should we go, but the question is how it's going to affect everything else? As I told before, we can't escape Jarl Balgruuf, but coming to him with being already uncovered as Dragonborn will destroy everything! Also, this Horn of Jurgen stuff and Delphine… So I've got two really stupid ideas about how can it be escaped:

  • Less stupid: let dragons spawn and make them immortal. I don't know what you're going to do with it on a 100 level but the main goal of this possible mod is to simply make your escape fast and without any additional information you don't need.
  • More stupid: you can kill dragons and consume their souls, but if you want to shout you should kill that dragon near Whiterun… and be told about your ability by some man who was told about that by his father or grandfather or uncle who cares. STUPID.
  • THIRD, the smartest, I guess: you hear about rare encounters of dragons in Skyrim, but for some reason NEVER meet any in person. Came to this at the final moment.
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Some final words

I've wrote way too much about a simple mod, but it's important. There should be a mod which will give us the same dragon-attacking experience in the beginning of the game but grant us complete freedom (at least for some time) to do anything after the start. It will give more role-playing abilities, more Morrowind-like experience where you are completely free to explore this world.


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