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An idea for Elder Scrolls 6

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Mages guild: can be used to help you increase mastery and spell making , enchanting, and potions. Of course, major and stronger spells cant be used unless you join the guild..

Suppose you need to kill a person who's been giving you trouble. You can perform the black sacrament and wait for 24 hours till a Dark Brotherhood dude show up and ask you whom you want to kill. First he will ask you the city in which you want to target the person and then who. There will be a percentage on if the person can be killed or not, based on how strong they are. If the Dark Brotherhood assassin fails, the city will put out a bounty on you. You can even try to target Jarls and essential characters but he will have a 0% chance of succeeding since they're completely essential. You will not know what chance of success there is. It will be conveyed as " That's child play" or " This is a standard request' and " By Sithis! Such a thing has'nt been heard of in the brotherhood since the assassination of the emperor!" Prices will gradually keep varying.

Thieves Guild: Thieves guild does not provide services outside blackmail and damage to other people. How it works is like this, you can hire a thief from the guild by talking to a courier or approaching them directly. The thief can be hired to either steal an item from a person which can later be used to extort them instead of passing speech checks. Or, he can be hired to plant incriminating evidence which causes the NPC to flee for 15 days and come back after. The chances will be easier than Dark Brotherhood and the bounty after failing will be lesser.

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Fighters Guild/ companions : Can be used to hire a companion as a follower for one day. If one day passes inside a dungeon or any closed area, follower will stay and immediately leave your service when you get out. If you kill the follower when he's returning to the guild, they will levy a bounty on you.

Mages guild: can be used to help you increase mastery and spellmaking , enchanting and potions. Of course, major and stronger spells cant be used unless you join the guild.


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