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An interesting problem

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I recently got back into modding Skyrim after a few years away. Running about 60 mods, correctly installed and functional through MO2.

Somewhere amongst those, something appears to be causing a remarkable crash/error. I can play for a while, but then the screen locks up. And I mean locks up. The only way out is to cut power to the computer.

When I get back on and restart… weirdness. Animals bounce around randomly. So do objects. The sound of water cuts in and out. Moving around becomes difficult. Sometimes the character 'swims' in the air.

So — pick another savegame? No. Same result.

So — create a new game? No. Same result.

So — abandon the modded version and open vanilla skyrim without SKSE or anything else? No. Same result.

Somehow, the crash actually causes a repeatable bug somewhere deep in the system. The ONLY cure I've found is to reinstall Skyrim completely. But if I open up the saved game again — bang, same weird bug, and it immediately infects the new vanilla install. So I have to completely reinstall Skyrim, start a brand new vanilla game… and THEN I can go back to using MO2 and the mods

Until it happens again.

Now, I tried a simple backup of the whole Steam/Skyrim folder. When the crash caused the bug, I put the backup in place instead.

No good. Same bug.

Next thing I'm going to try is a formal Steam backup of the vanilla game, so I don't have to reinstall from the web. But one of the big reasons I use the mod system is because I fuckin' hate the fuckin' prologue, and I use a quickstart mod. So having to play through the fuckin' prologue EVERY TIME I need to start up again is getting really, really old.

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Oh — and I also tried manually replacing the SKSE files in case they were the problem. They weren't.

So here's the question: if every single save-game is contaminated by a crash and a bug in the latest game, and if I can't get rid of that contamination simply by replacing the Skyrim folder and the SKSE install — where, exactly, is the fucking bug? Because while I will definitely (long-term) work my way through the mod-list and look for a villain, it would be MUCH easier in the meantime if I knew where the bug lived so I could just replace those files with backups…


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