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And Elder Scrolls Movie, or Trilogy of Movies, or multiple Trilogies.

I made a post about this before, but it was poorly written. If we ever get a TES movie (we probably won't) but if we do, I think it is essential for it to not take place during the games, or if it does, it does not revolve around the player character/prisoner, and only focuses on background stuff. I cannot stress how the Lore Community and player base will be devastated if an official canon movie dictates how our Prisoners/Player characters were. That's why if there was a movie about the Oblivion Crisis, it'd need to have another setting besides Cyrodiil, (it can show glimpses of Cyrodiil in certain scenes, the Emperor getting assasinated without the player character on-screen, and showing Baurus but that's it, the audience can see the "shadow" of the CoC, to show that he/she is "there" but is not actually on screen, just his/her shadow from the light.) but stuff in the game of Oblivion can be talked about. They can talk about the Mages Guild ban on Necromancy, and the Destruction of Kvatch, and how some hero went in there, and found "A lost heir of Uriel." But nothing more direct than that. We can see stuff in Cyrodiil, or other provinces, but the Prisoner/Player Character must not show up. Even if we see important NPCs, that is fine, as long as the Player does not appear on screen.

But I really think that a movie, or show based off of a game would flop. Similar to how games based off of shows, and movies typically flop. So we might better off having a movie based off of other events in the Lore, like the Camoran Usurper, rise of Titus Mede, Potema Septim/War of Red Diamond. I wouldn't even want a movie based off of the novels, because the novels will more than likely be superior, if not radically inferior.

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No, I feel like in order for such a project to be done right, ZoS, or Bethesda would need to get the right Movie Studio to try to create a trilogy (3 movies). The first three movies of a trilogy could be about Alessia, and the Alessian Slave Rebellion. The second trilogy will be about Reman, and the Akaviri Trouble but considering the Shonni-etta Excerpts, this trilogy will either be very rated R, causing it to undersell and not do well in Theaters, (Parents don't want Minors hearing "bad words" and seeing body parts they are too young to see even though it is on a fictional movie) or it could be PG13 with none of the naked kinky Belly-Magic, and would retcon the out of game Shonni-Etta Excerpt lore. Pissing off the Lore Community. Then Kirkbride comes back to file a lawsuit against Bethesda, and the Movie studio for destroying his fictional work. So maybe a Reman trilogy (3 movies) won't be a good idea.

A Tiber Septim trilogy could also really cause a big shaking within the Lore Community. Lore nerds in the Theater will yell "CHIM!" While the Skyrim Babies scream "It is TALOS!" Then all the new fans who are only getting into TES because of the movie, and know nothing about the lore, and are just watching the movie because they like fantasy movies will think "What the fuck is wrong with these stupid people? Was this based off of a fantasy novel I never heard about? Or some video game? Why's that one guy on the front row got some body paint painting one side gray, another side yellow, and trying to look like one of the characters in the movie?"

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So I honestly don't know a good setting a TES movie, (much less a trilogy or multiple trilogies) can take place in, without it either pissing off the gaming community of TES fans, or the lore community of TES fans, or the Kirkbride fans. A TES movie will cause a great shaking within the TES community, amongst both the lore community, new fans, gaming fans, and old fans who been fans since Morrowind. It might even cause a massive schism or split within the TES community that splits a dozen different ways, with big youtubers all making different videos criticizing other youtubers' views, and the movie itself. Some would be in favor of the movie, some against it. Kirkbride, and Lady N filing half a dozen different lawsuits. This subreddit and other subreddits like r/TrueSTL EXPLODING, like Red Mountain. Actually no, fuck, that's not Red Mountain erupting, that'd be IRL Yellowstone. Or in this case the unnamed Supervolcano in Eastmarch south of Windhelm that has never erupted in TES lore. We don't even know the volcano's name due to it having never erupted. Yeah, that one. No doubt, it'd be worse than Red Mountain.

Dear God, it'd be the Canon Wars all over again! Except this time it will be like Season Unending in Skyrim! War without end! You all remember how bad the first TES Canon Wars were when C0DA first came out. Canon Wars would rage with more fury than the Great War itself between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire. This subreddit, and many other TES subreddits like r/TrueSTL would probably get deleted from Reddit. That's how bad I predict the fallout.

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