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[Animation] My Character and NPCs use the famous “T Pose” when they fight and same when they walk !

Hello, i have some animation problem, like bare-handed fight they bug and t pose or don't perform their move, or sometimes they "T Pose" just like that for form, my body turn when i charge a attack, the worst thing is that from the beginning long before I install a lot of mods them facial animations of NPCs have in 80% of cases the face that freezes especially when I stop talking to them or they talk to each other, I thought that the number of animations is significant but yet when I launch Nemesis I reach the yellow bar really little so I don't understand, i already clean my nemesis output, TK Dodge and CGO work for me so where is the problem ?

i use in part a list see who work in this order:






And the animation pack

TK Dodge (He work without a problem with CGO)
Combat ultime
VioLens – Dernière estocade
CGO – Amélioration du combat
Attack Behavior Revamp• Retimed Hit Frames

Combat Gameplay Overhaul and Retimed Hit Frames Compatibility Patch 📷
Simple Weapon Swing Parry 📷
zxlice hitStop 📷
zxlice BackStab and Parry 📷
Better Combat Escape 📷
Flinching 📷
SIZE MATTERS – First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 📷
First Person Combat Animations Overhaul – Katanas patch for various mods 📷
Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim – EEOS – Spell Perk Item Distributor Addon 📷

Ultimate Combat and Creatures Behaviour compatibility for Nemesis 📷

True Directional Movement – Modernized Third Person Gameplay 📷 📷

Interactions immersives
EVG Animation Variance 📷
Animations contextuelles 📷
cookeh's conditional and random animations 📷
Sky Idles 📷
UNDERDOG – Animations 📷
Manger et boire – Sons et animations
zxlice's ultimate potion animation – ZUPA 📷
Expressions contextuelles 📷
Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition- 📷
Expressive Facial Animation -Male Edition- 📷
Au lit ! 📷
Quicker Bed Exit 📷
Super Fast Get Up Animation 📷
DAR – Dynamic Swimming 📷
Loki's Wade In Water 📷
Vanargand Animations – Female Idle Walk and Run 📷 📷
Vanargand Animations – Male Idle Walk and Run 📷 📷
Dynamic Sitting Idles 📷
Jarl Sitting Animation Replacer 📷
Take a Seat – New DAR Sitting Animations 📷
Feline Movement Animations for Khajits Only 📷
Injured Animations Dynamic Replacer 📷
Smooth Combat – Non Combat Animation System 📷

Smooth Random Sprint Animation 📷
Smooth Random Magic idle Animation 📷
Smooth Random Blocking Animation 📷
Smooth Jump Attack Animation 📷 Delete because that don't work with CGO for me
Smooth Combat Animation by Race 📷
Smooth Shield Power Attack 📷
Smooth Magic Casting Animation 📷
Smooth HeavyArmor Count 📷
Smooth Staff Animation 📷

Amélioration du sommeil – Animations et réactions 📷 📷

Animated Wings Ultimate

Flying Mod Beta by porroone and Flying Mod Overhaul by Indefiance (Converted for SSE)


Expressive Facegen Morphs 📷

Expressive Facial Animation ( Female / Male )

My Nemesis Patch:

Archery Gamplay Overhaul

Combat Gameplay Overhaul

Flinching Animations

Gender Specific Animation

zxlice’s ultimate potion animation

Maxsu Stagger Direction Fix

Proper Spell Cast Direction

Retimed Hit Frame

True Directional Movement

Ultimate Combat/TK Dodge

Turning Animation Won’t Affect UpperBody

Ultimate Combat Creature

Ultimate Dragon Creatures

zxlice Backstab and Parry


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