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Anniversary Jubilee event Guide – Meridia’s Light

Happy Birthday ESO.

Today we put on our birthday hats in preparation for ESO's 7th birthday! From today at 16:00 CEST until the 13th of April at 16:00 CEST, get ready to receive some awesome birthday goodies!**

Where to start though? What to do?
We understand that events can be a tad overwhelming, especially for the newer among us. That's why we bring you this simple guide.

How to participate?
This event revolves around Daily Quests. Unlike other events, there will be no new Dailies added, and instead, every Base Game Daily quest will additionally reward you with Gift Boxes that contain some nice loot.

Wait, what are Daily Quests?
Daily quests are a special type of quest which can be repeated every day, and reset at 8:00 CEST. You can identify these by the special blue quest marker over their quest givers.

Some player-favourite daily quests include:

  • Pledges, available at Undaunted Enclaves.
  • Crafting Writs, available in notice boards around cities after you complete each crafting type certification.
  • Delve-World Boss dailies, available in DLCs.

As I already said, completing a Daily Quest will additionally reward you with a Gift Box. These boxes can contain some nice loot, such as:
(Clicking on any of these will redirect you to a Youtube video showcasing the style/motif in question made by the wonderful Tianlein. Be sure to drop her a like!)

  • Motifs

  • NEW

Experience Buff:
ESO events usually come with an Experience Buff. This time around it comes in the form of a delicious and slightly fearsome cake. To get your hands on it, you must acquire the free crown store quest named "Ache for Cake". It will redirect you to Chef Donolon, who will bake the cake for you as a quest reward. This requires some ingredients, but they all can be found lying around near the Chef.Once you have the cake, activating it will grant you a 2 hour 100% EXP buff.You can easily find the cake under your collections (Default Keybind is "U") tab, in the Tools section.

Event Tickets:
Eating a slice of cake for the first time each day will reward you with 3 event tickets, up to a total of 39 if you eat your daily slice until the event is over.

The Impresario:
She returns, this time with the following items on sale:

  • Unstable Morpholith base fragments
  • Two fragments for the Deadlands Firewalker personality
  • Imperial Champion Weapon Outfit Style pages
  • Replica Jubilee Cake furnishings (Furnishing versions of all six anniversary cakes. Note that these can only be purchased if you have obtained each year's respective memento by taking part in that year's event).

She can be found at these locations in the base game.

And DLC zones.

This guide was made by the staff at Meridia's Light, a PC/EU guild focused on helping newer and veteran players alike. If it was of help, please consider checking out our Recruitment Post or our Discord Server, where you can find many more helpful guides and friendly players. The current Spring Housing Contest is currently going on too, where the best decorators will receive amazing prices and a special server role!


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