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Announcing Odin – Skyrim Magic Overhaul!

You may be disappointed that I don't have a mod yet that overhauls Skyrim magic. Next week (Feb 28), all will change!

Odin – Skyrim Magic Overhaul is due to be released soon. It is a sort-of-vanilla-plus-ish overhaul of the vanilla magic schools to make them more interesting, engaging, etc.

It includes an overhaul of most vanilla spells, as well as new vanilla friendly spells that seem to be missing from the Skyrim magic schools.

So like what

  • Spells with level caps no longer have a hard cutoff. Instead, they pick up a failure chance above the level cap, and only become really ineffective 10-20 or so levels above the cap.

  • Conjuration minions scale with level, and gain damage, health and spell magnitude out of the deal.

  • Wards are much more viable.

  • Concentration minion buff spells to make pure summoners viable.

  • All healing spells are unique. Fast Healing is …fast, Grand Healing is a concentration spell, etc.

  • Fewer redundant turn undead spells, but new poison spells, and sun spells can now be looted from world enemies, making them more accessible.

  • Weapon buffs like Blazing Strikes that empower your power attacks with the power of elemental power in a blast AoE around the target.

  • Destruction offers more concentration spells and more short ranged spells. No gimmicks like Apocalypse: everything does direct damage, just with different ranges and areas, and the spells are designed to feel good to use.

  • Many more alteration buffs, from Slowfall to Leaguestep.

  • Synergises with Vokrii in the form of custom new perks. Also supports Ordinator, and is compatible with Apocalypse (any duplicate spells are skipped when Odin is installed).

  • Etc.

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So this is just Mysticism?

No. It has fewer spells, but aims to avoid overlapping spells and spellbook bloat. Every spell needs to earn its keep, and every spell needs to be KICK ASS.

Can I ask a question so Enai has an excuse to promote his patreon?

Actually, I'm doing an advent calendar counting down to release. Here's restoration.


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