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Annoying problem with Holds mod

Content of the article: "Annoying problem with Holds mod"

After a while of playing with a stable 195 mod list, I noticed my FPS was low even without the ENB. Usually at around 30-35 lowering into the 20s in denser areas. I thought it might be the ENB, I disabled it, same thing. So I decided some things. I got BethINI, and ran LOOT thinking I should probably do so because it has been a while, and my game was deleted from my system when I sent my PC to get something fixed. But I started out the game after running LOOT and didn't notice a different in FPS so I figured 'It's not THAT bad, I'll get to it later." So I go on with my quests, and decide to hand in a couple of bounties to whiterun, lo and behold, game crashes when I load intoit. Alright, no biggie, crashes happen sometimes (Rare in my game) I'll just load a previous save. I do that, go back to whiterun, shit crashes again. Okay… third time's the charm? Crashed again. Started a new game. Crashed again at whiterun. I thought it might be holds so I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Still crashed.

Spent the entire day going through my mod list, disabling and enabling groups of mods in order to find the culprit, for some reason ignoring the obvious solution of checking wtf is going on with holds. After painfully going through every mod, I found the culprits for both my FPS and my crashes around whiterun. Artesian Cloaks for the former (FPS spiked up to 60 around whiterun without it. With it installed I lost about 15 or more FPS, depending how crowded the are was) and lo and behold, Holds for the crashes around whiterun. I completely removed the mod, and re-installed it. Which meant I went to the NMM page and downloaded the 1.8GB manual file again so I could use it with the patching center. I installed again, and an annoying issue arises.

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As soon as I step out of the Abandoned Prison, my FPS immediately goes down to 10 and below. I know that it's caused by Holds, but I decided to first check if I can enter whiterun.

I get to whiterun and my FPS goes even lower. I go into the first wall and I notice some weird shit. Every NPC is flipping in place, including my character in what I can almost describe as the Combat Gameplay Overhaul dodge roll animation. The lag is immense. The closer I get to the gate of whiterun, the worse it gets. I'm greeted by two Guards going through a constant interdimenisonal wormhole present inside their stomach and my characters begins to copy them like some sort of an attention seeking child. My game can't handle this shit anymore. I power through my last 5 frames and try to enter Whiterun. Game crashes immediately.

When I disable Holds, however and begin a new game the FPS is back to 60 and 45 (around busy areas) and it doesn't crash around whiterun anymore. Can anyone help me figure this shit out? I could switch city mods I guess but I really like Holds and I also don't want to start a completely new character, I was really getting into the one I've been playing. Modular option is a no go since I need patches that are only present in the mod's Patching center, and require the Complete edition.


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