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Anxiety is contributing to the lack of PvE Tanks

Let me provide proof from other big MMO’s such as WoW and Final fantasy, that tankxiety exists.

So throughout my years playing this game, mainly as a tank. I have encountered this phenomenon but couldn’t quite figure it out. Perma block build videos from years ago was the main reason why I became a tank, to watch and laugh people in Cyro that try to dent my hp. Vet content and trials were side hustles at that time.

This problem became apparent when waiting in Craglorn took longer and longer…and longer. Raid rosters and schedules won’t always go to plan. Am I the only tank in the damn server? I sometimes wonder to myself. I’d ask some of my guild mates if they could hop on to their other tank toon and they would shy away. I’m like dude, we just did pledges an hour ago and you were the tank! ….no response…

One day, I stumbled upon a video called “Overcoming group anxiety in group content” by Zepla HQ. This is when I learned about Tankxiety, and it isn’t only a phenomenon within Final Fantasy. It’s in ALL MMO’s. Tanks have so much anxiety that they develop drinking habits and take anxiety medication. Wow, I said to myself. It’s really that bad huh.

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The number 1 contributing factor to tankxiety is getting called out. In my opinion it isn’t that bad. Most of the time I’m communicating with the healers if their barrier is up, if my war horn is up. Communicating to the other tank if he should take over aggro or I take over aggro. Ect…but some people really do take it personally. Like for example getting called out if you have your cat on the floor. This guy the other day literally yelled at the mic “Who’s ****ing cat is that? We are in a god damn vet trial”. SMH, he could have politely said to put all pets away.

The only thing that would get under my skin (off topic) is when you have a jaded elitist who makes unnecessary bad comments about someone or the group. Like I will purposefully wipe the group, hop on the mic so that I can have a talk with that person. That doesn’t fly around me, rent free and unchecked.

Anyway, what can the pve community do about this? I don’t know, but it is a problem.


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