The Elder Scrolls

Any advice for mill decks? I usually win (or lose) to the cards that are supposed to support my milling cards instead of winning by milling.

Seriously I'm so pissed right now. Been trying and experimenting with a mill deck and I can't get it to work.

1) You need life recovery to stall the game and against aggro. I only have 6 cards for this (Clockwerk dragons with crush the wimpy). It's effective and works. This is not an issue.

2) You need board clear and hard removal. I run 3 ice storms, 3 mummify and a soulbomb thingy (the banish one deal 3 to all thingy). I also run Alduin because to combo I need a lot of mana anyway.

3) So I need a lot of mana to pull off the milling combo. I run 3xWhodunit, 3xTreeM, 3x those 1/4 stat horsemen.

4) For the combo itself. Im using Galyn (+Laneth to draw if unlucky) , 3 headmasters and 2x… the disappear card for 2 mana neutral, into another lane shackled.

Here's the fucking problem that pisses me off so much. I'm Rank 3, just destroyed a R1 player. BUT NOT BECAUSE OF MILLING! Because of the other random shit that is supposed to just support my mill deck. Other than that… every game I lose or win is due to other factors than my milling.

Hell I've even lost like 10 games today which I COULD have won, sitting on like 3-5 6-10 strength headmasters on the board. But I refused to end because if you're not milling them to death where is the fun?

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Any advice? I'm seriously mad because no matter how much I try to build a good milling deck. I dunno. I never get to effectively mill. I just had a single mill win today where I got to mill some control deck into quitting. It made it almost worth all the pain but not quiet.

So yeah. Tips needed.


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