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Any advices to improve stability and secure my save ?

Content of the article: "Any advices to improve stability and secure my save ?"


I bought Skyrim SE with a laptop on december and worked on my first modlist on PC. I learned about the tools (SKSE,MO2, Loot, SSEEdit …) and set up a 206 mods/239 plug ins play-through. I'm having a blast, 150 hours in and I didn't touch the mods for a few months. My game is quite stable (a CTD once every 2-3 days).

My mod list is in the right order, the compatibility patches are there, the most known bugfixes mod are there too.

Now I'm thinking about improving this. I've read about merging mods, what about that ? I've read about cleaning some things in SSEEdit, broken references or whatever. I've got some red and orange in SSEEdit but I don't understand.

What about a save manager ? I'm planning on playing with this character for a long time.
What about updates ? I've never done any updates on my game or mods.

Thank's in advance guys and sorry for the poor English, I'm French, sorry for that too 😉

My modlist : (plug-ins parsed with Loot)


"0000","DLC: HearthFires"

"0001","DLC: Dragonborn"

"0002","DLC: Dawnguard"


"0005","Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch"

"0006","Cutting Room Floor"



"0009","Immersive HUD – iHUD"

"0010","Less Intrusive HUD"

"0011","Font Overhaul"

"0012","Vivid Weathers – Definitive Edition"

"0013","Realistic Lighting Overhaul (RLO) SSE All-In-One Installer"


"0015","iNeed – Food, Water and Sleep"


"0017","Patch Campfire and Frostfall"

"0018","Wet and Cold"


"0020","Alternate Start – Live Another Life"

"0021","Character Creation Overhaul"

"0023","Legacy of the Dragonborn"

"0024","LoD Patch – Immersive College of Winterhold"

"0025","Beyond Skyrim Bruma SE 1.3.3"

"0026","Beyond Skyrim DLC Integration Patch"

"0027","Bruma iNeed Patch"

"0028","Beyond Skyrim – Bruma Loot Cap"



"0031","Haafstad and the Border of High Rock"



"0034","Falskaar iNeed Patch"


"0036","Corners of Skyrim"

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"0038","Revenge Of the Enemies Modified"

"0039","Morrowloot Ultimate"

"0040","RoE – MLU patch"

"0041","MLU – Immersive Armors"

"0042","Morrowloot Immersive Weapons"

"0043","MLU – Cutting Room Floor"

"0044","MLU ESL – Unique Uniques"

"0045","MLU ESL – Ars Metallica Patch"

"0047","Moonlight Tales"


"0049","Faster Transform – To Werewolf and VampireLord"

"0050","VANILLA Bigger VL Wings"

"0051","HD Werewolf Retexture"

"0052","Startgame Monsters"


"0054","Ordinator Beyond Skyrim Patch"

"0055","50 percent More Perk Points"

"0056","Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim"

"0057","Summermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim"

"0058","MLU – Summermyst"


"0060","Wintersun – Faiths of Skyrim"


"0062","Perk Points and More Gold for Bounty Quests"

"0063","Harvest Overhaul Redone"

"0064","Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments"


"0066","Ars Metallica"

"0067","Convenient Horses"

"0068","Convenient Horses – Apocalypse CACO SIC and Summermyst"

"0069","Patches for Convenient Horses 5.0"

"0070","Deadly Combat"


"0072","Wildcat – Realistic Damage Plugin"

"0073","Mortal Enemies"

"0074","Know Your Enemy"

"0075","TK Dodge"

"0076","VioLens – A Killmove Mod SE"

"0078","The Brotherhood of Old"

"0079","The Paarthurnax Dilemma"

"0080","The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal"

"0081","The Forgotten City"

"0082","Moonpath to Elsweyr"

"0083","Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch"

"0084","Faction – Pit Fighter"

"0086","Static Mesh Improvement Mod"

"0087","Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K"

"0088","NSM – SMIM Patch"

"0089","Vivid Landscapes – Special Edition"

"0090","Landscapes – Cathedral Concept"

"0091","Trees in Cities"

"0092","Immersive Fallen Trees"

"0093","Enhanced Blood Textures"

"0095","Skyrim Trading Posts Remastered"

"0096","Skyrim Trading Posts Remastered – Cutting Room Floor Patch"

"0097","Campsites in Skyrim"

"0098","Forgotten Dungeons"

"0099","EasierRider's Dungeon Pack"

"0100","Lakeview Manor Dock and Shack"

"0101","Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul"

"0102","Lakeview Extended"

"0103","Improved Hearthfire Lighting"

"0104","Helgen Reborn"

"0105","Glorious Fort Dawnguard"

"0107","The Choice is Yours"

"0108","Even Better Quest Objectives"

"0109","A Quality World Map"

"0110","Crimson Nirnroot Markers"

"0111","Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers"

"0112","Rich Skyrim Merchants"

"0113","Quick Light"

"0114","Yes Im Sure"

"0115","Daedric Voices"

"0116","Display Enemy Level"

"0118","Beasts of Tamriel"

"0119","Less Crash-Prone Beasts of Tamriel"

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"0120","Patch for iNeed and Beasts of Tamriel"

"0121","Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition"

"0122","SIC Patch"

"0123","Diverse Dragons Collection"

"0124","Ultimate Dragons"

"0125","Immersive Dragons"

"0127","Realistic Wildlife Behaviours"

"0128","Interesting NPCs SE"

"0129","Immersive Patrols"

"0130","Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul"

"0131","Immersive World Encounters SE"

"0132","Useful Dogs"

"0133","Amazing Follower Tweaks"



"0136","Relationship Dialogue Overhaul"

"0137","Marry Me Serana"

"0138","Serana Dialogue Edit"

"0139","Serana Dialogue Add-On"


"0142","Immersive Armors"

"0143","Immersive Armors and Know Your Enemy Armor Patch"

"0144","Immersive Weapons"

"0145","Royal Armory"

"0146","Armonizer Armors Pack"

"0147","Heavy Armory"

"0148","Heavy Armory patch"

"0149","Warmonger Armory"

"0150","Thane Weapons Reborn"

"0151","Zim's Thane Weapon Displays"

"0152","Weapons of the Third Era"

"0153","Unique Uniques SE"

"0154","Thieves Guild Armor Enchantments"

"0155","Rustic clothing"

"0156","Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors"

"0157","Darkbrotherhood Armor Replacer"

"0158","Cloaks of Skyrim SSE"

"0159","Common Clothes and Armors"

"0160","Awesome Artifacts"

"0161","Awesome Artifacts MLU Patch"

"0162","Guards Armor Replacer"

"0163","Frankly HD Dawnguard Armor and Weapons"

"0164","Dragon Age Weapons"

"0166","Sounds of Skyrim Complete SE"

"0168","Diversity – A Character Overhaul"

"0169","QUASIPC – Qwinn's Unified Automated Self Installing Patch Compendium"

"0170","SSE Fixes"

"0171","Obsidian Mountain Fogs"

"0172","Smooth Sky mesh"

"0173","JContainers SE"


"0175","Alternate Start – Bruma"

"0176","FNIS Behavior"

"0177","FNIS Creature Pack"

"0178","FNIS Spells"

"0179","FNIS PCEA2"

"0180","XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended"

"0181","Ecotone Dual Sheath"

"0182","Frankly HD Nightingale Armor and Weapons "

"0183","Pretty Combat Animations"

"0184","3PCO – 3rd Person Camera Overhaul"

"0185","Dual Wield Parrying"

"0186","True Spear Combat – SSE – Weapons and Animations – NMM Installer"

"0187","Throwing Weapons Lite SE"


"0190","The Great Cities – Minor Cities and Towns"

"0191","Better Cities – Whiterun"

"0192","Better Cities Solitude"

"0193","Riften Docks Pathways"

"0194","Skyrim Riften Eastern Road"

"0195","Deadly Shadows in Riften"

"0196","City Entrances Overhaul – Windhelm"

"0197","Deadly Shadows of Windhelm"

"0198","SKY CITY – Markarth Rising"

"0199","City Entrances Overhaul – Markarth"

"0200","Skyrim Better Roads"

"0201","Provincial Courier Service"

"0203","Quality Menu Replacement"

"0204","Dark Face Head Body Colour Mismatch Bug Fix"

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"0205","Dragon Souls to Perk Points"

"0206","PapyrusUtil SE – Scripting Utility Functions"

"0207","Papyrus Extender +"

"0208","Dark Face Fix Spell"

"0209","Adress Library"

"0210","Skyrim Skill Uncapper"

"0211","Skyrim Reputation"

"0212","SR Wintersun Patch"

"0213","Perks from Questing"

"0214","Gildergreen Regrown"

"0215","Jewelry Limiter"

"0216","Enchanting Freedom"

"0217","Enchanting Freedom Patches"

"0218","Crime Overhaul Expanded"

"0219","Hide Those Futile Quests"

"0220","All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently"

"0221","Less Tedious Thieves Guild"

"0225","Legacy of the Dragonborn Light Plugins"

"0226","Faction – Pit Figher Travels Add-on"


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