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Any artists or doodlers interested in doing an ESO commission? Recommendations?

(Are we allowed to look for commission artists on this sub?? Plz let me know if it's allowed or not and I'll delete my post if it's not.)

Hello all! I've been lurking this sub for a long time now, but within the last month or so, I've been seeing some wonderful art of players' characters in all sorts of styles and ranges of detail. All of them have been unique and fun and I want to see more! Some were commissions, some were the artist's own character(s).

Question: approximately what would a commission cost? And is here an appropriate place to look for someone who can do an ESO inspired artwork? I'd ask a general art forum, but all of you here know the nature of the world already and would understand the references better.

If you can draw and want a commission or have a recommendation for an artist that does commissions, feel free to drop a comment below or directly message me.

You don't need to be a professional commissioner artist – if you draw a solid doodle and are down for a commission, that is also awesome, if not better, for what I want.

I do not know what commissions go for or what compensation is for the work having never gotten a commission before. It is a real profession for some and a relaxing pastime for others, so I don't know what to offer. I am not asking for handouts or freebies, I am offering to pay, but I don't want scare anyone away by thinking I'm looking for the most exceptional art or the work of a lifetime. I appreciate all art styles, whether detailed and serious or cartoonish and fun. Or freely interpreted. Doodles are also awesome. Tbh tho I also don't have a lot of flexible money atm, so I'm trying to gauge if this gift would be within my budget.

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What I'm looking for could be anywhere from just our two toons standing next to each other with their signature outfits/weapons/attacks (tank DK + DW stamplar) or a cartoony mayhem of them fighting a dungeon boss (boss doesn't have to be included), jumping off a cliff for "skyshards" at the bottom (spoiler, there are not skyshards down there), the tank (male) doing the redguard dance while the stamplar (female) tosses gold, finding some blessed cornflower, or something relatably humorous.

I'll leave the final product/scene up to the artist based on what they think their strengths are in depicting the characters plus the artist's vision along with their estimate of cost of the scene/profile they have in mind.

Before you ask, I can draw no more than stick figures 😛 So I'd send probably screenshots of the characters and a personality description of the toons.

Why? I made a significant friend through ESO, and a big milestone is coming up. I want to gift him something special with regards to the game and how we met and the fun we've had, focused on our main characters.

Thank you for taking the time to read my wordy post. I hope all of you are doing well and find many platinum seams and master chests.

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(I am going to sleep soon but I'll respond to everyone when I wake up)


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