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Any movement mod out there?

Content of the article: "Any movement mod out there?"

Im kinda all over the place with mods and as far as it goes, those I’ve found are either too much or too little.

I don’t want Dark Souls or Sekiro level of movement, but something better than vanilla Skyrim.

Out of combat :

Less obnoxious roll mechanic.

Climbing in some form, maybe not BOTW climbing, but maybe being able to climb vertical surface or even as simple as grabing ledges?

Being able to jump while sprinting (would combine nicely with the climbing and/or ledge grab one).

During fights :

A backstep and straffing moves, they wouldn’t even require lock on as whenever you have weapons and spells out the PC is forced to face away from the camera, and proper registration of the weapon’s reach to go with it (like seriously some foes with greatswords can hit you well past the item’s visual appearance).

Two handed blocking, literally the only reason why I never use two handed weapons is that I can’t block, I don’t care if it’s too heavy, heck, make it a perk and call it a day! Sorry for the rant. Nothing too flashy, but maybe a very faint trail for arrows so you know if you have to point up or down, far away targets are a real pain to hit since you basically can’t determine by how much you miss or even if the arrow went too high or too low (I feel the Valtheim Towers salt coming back just by writing that).

Maybe depending on the weapon the ability for a lunge? Like say you fight a bandit, you sprint, but during the first second/half-second of the sprint if you attack you will actually lunge and make a fast stab forward, with daggers I guess this would become a more fancy multi stab? Not sure for axes, maybe a throw? Or something like a push to get some distance? You get the idea. Oh, also for reasons I believe you can guess, this would be only for one handed weapons.

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So yeah that’s what I would like as a way to improve movements. Easier exploration and smoother, but still simple combat. I’m aware this would require new animations but these days you can do things hundreds of times crazier than that.


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