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Any skin texture mods that don’t pale down or lighten skin tones? Skin texture mods that stay true to racial skin colorations

Hi all,

Lately I've been trying to decide what NPC overhaul to use, and I've whittled it down to either Nordic Faces or HMB II. From what I've seen so far, the changes HMB makes apply to every NPC right out of the box, even mod added ones, which I absolutely love. What I don't absolutely love is the fact that it pales everyone down, Nordic faces doesn't have this problem as much, but it does some other weird things with skin textures and colors (for example, I'd meet Nords with darker complexions than Redguards, which makes no sense). With HMB, nearly every Dunmer in the game becomes a very, very pale grey, almost an ashy white, or a weird mixture of grey, dark tan, and pinkish. I was walking through Windhelm and saw a Dunmer that was just straight up brown, like Redguard brown.

I would like to be able to continue using HMB, I think it's the best face model overhaul I've seen, Nordic faces is a close second, but it doesn't apply to every single NPC right out of the box in the same way that HMB does, and it kind of makes female NPCs a little too "pretty" – that is to say, they look amazing, but they don't quite fit the atmosphere of Skyrim, at least not the atmosphere I'm going for, they don't look quite as hardy as I'd expect someone who lives in Skyrim to look. However, I don't think I can continue using HMB as is, with the skin tones being the way they are, it just doesn't sit right with me.

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So, is there any skin texture mods that I can overwrite HMB with that would make the skin tones of darker races a bit darker? I want my Dunmer to be truly dark grey, my Redguards to be brown, my Orcs to be green, my Altmer to be golden, and my Bosmer to be… That tannish/olive color that Bosmer are.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! I am also more than willing to port from LE, so any mods from any Nexus will do.

Thanks in advance!


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