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Any SMAA pros able to guess what’s going on here?

Content of the article: "Any SMAA pros able to guess what’s going on here?"

So I'm taking advantage of SMAA. I'm doing this because I also use ENB, and ENB doesn't play nice with traditional kinds of AA, and there's no GPU on the market that can render this game in 8K60+ENB, so supersampling is out.

I'm going to use my New Vegas example since it's what I have screenshots of.

There are two options available to me. I can either point ENB to d3d9_smaa.dll as a proxy library, or I can use SMAA from within an ENB-like mod called New Vegas Reloaded (a TESReloaded spinoff).

Now, here is a screenshot with no SMAA at all. Here's the same shot, but using SMAA from within New Vegas Reloaded, with no other effects. You can tell it's applied some AA, but at the same time, it looks very imperfect. Some of the edges received almost no AA at all, and others seem to have a sort of pixelated look to them.

Lastly, here's SMAA via the d3d9_smaa.dll: Now we're talking. This looks decent. The pixelated look of SMAA via New Vegas Reloaded is absent. All we got is smooth edges.

I have already taken a look at the SMAA settings for both cases. They're identical:

#define SMAA_THRESHOLD 0.05

What is different is those SMAA files themselves. For the ENB proxy library, these files are used:

d3d9_smaa.dll (5/3/2016), SMAA.fx (5/3/2016, 10KB), SMAA.h (5/3/2016, 51KB)

The SMAA packaged with NVR has these files:

SMAA.fx (9/14/2018, 15KB), SMAA.fx.hlsl (9/14/2018, 13KB), SMAA.h (12/24/2014, 45KB)

And furthermore, the actual settings to tweak are in this "SMAA.fx.hlsl" file, rather than the "SMAA.h" file as in the previous example. So clearly, these are different vintages of SMAA. Is that enough to make such a sweeping difference in results? The settings and their intended effects are the exact same between both specimens.

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The reason why I don't simply use the proxy SMAA is because since it's not being applied as part of New Vegas Reloaded's effect suite, I can't take advantage of any other effect from New Vegas Reloaded. For example, a nice Depth of Field which I can instruct to remain fixated on the horizon (ENB DoF cannot do this). Using SMAA as a post-process on an image with DoF gives an absolutely horrid result.


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