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Anyone intimately familiar with how Vilja works (a.k.a. can scripts cause a wrist mesh gaps?)

I wanted to give Vilja a bodyslided default outfit, and AFAIK nobody has made a bodyslide version of the one that comes with her mod, so I trawled the nexus and found one that I thought would be thematically suitable (One of the ones from {Ashlander Apparel – SSE CBBE BodySlide (with Physics)}). I then edited the armature of Vilja's vanilla dresses to use the armature from the Ashlander mod. Here's an image of how this looks in SSEedit – I basically just copied how the Ashlander ARMO record looks and pasted it to Vilja's dress ARMO. At first glance everything looked ok, but then I noticed that if she doesn't spawn with her bracers (or if I unequip them from her via console), she has wrist gaps. Your first thought is probably body mismatch, right? I don't think so and here's why (skip down to the video for the tl;dr).

You'll notice I'm using the Chaconne replacer for Vilja. This is achieved using {Chaconne Follower – SSE} and {Vilja Chaconne SSE}. I then used {Bijin Family Bodyslides – CBBE and UUNP SE} (the CBBE download) to batch-generate the CBBE (default, non-physics for now) body and clothes meshes for both Chaconne (Vilja) and Ashlander Apparel (as well as every other bodyslide I have installed including the vanilla body path). The generated meshes are found in the directory expected by the mod. So everything is using CBBE meshes generated with the same preset (in this case zeroed sliders for eventual use with BodyGen). So why am I getting seams?

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Here's where it gets confusing. Vilja doesn't have a DOFT record and I noticed that whatever I put there, she always spawns wearing her green dress (this is what actually prompted me to change her dress's armature rather than just give her a new DOFT). After a few tests, I noticed that every once in a while if coc spawns me in the correct position within the Bannered Mare, I can quickly see her blue dress and there are NO seams. Within a couple seconds, she suddenly switches to her green dress (with bracers), and when those bracers are removed she has the wrist seams again (this is how I find her if I use ASLAL to spawn in the Bannered Mare bedroom, because it takes me a few seconds to get down to the first floor). I took a video to show this process in action – you can clearly see if you pause at the 15 second mark that she's in her blue dress with no wrist seams, and then she switches to the green dress with wrist seams. As a sanity check, I reversed my mod, assigning the blue Ashlander armature to Vilja's green dress ARMO record, and the green Ashlander armature to her blue ARMO record. As a result, she would spawn in a green dress with no wrist seam and then switch to a blue dress with wrist seams, leading me to conclude that the problem is not in the armature itself.

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As further troubleshooting, I got rid of the Chaconne replacer – the ashlander dress still produced wrist seams with Vilja's default appearance. I also tried using {zEBD} to replace (for both default and Chaconne versions of Vilja) the WNAM with one pointed at the vanilla FemaleBody_1.nif path, and still got wrist seams. Neither default nor Chaconne versions of Vilja have wrist seams with my dress mod disabled.

I read on a Requiem compatibility page that Vilja has an initialization script, and I'm assuming this is what is forcing the change. Unfortunately I have virtually no experience with papyrus (though I do code and I could probably figure out what's going on if I knew where to look), but Vilja has a veritable mountain of scripts.

At this point I feel like I'm spending hours to essentially play barbie dress up, but I'm really curious about how this works. If someone could either suggest a non-script-related reason this could be happening, or give me a hint as to which script I should be looking in for troubleshooting, I would really appreciate the help!


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