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Are people still looking for new mod ideas?

My favorite features/mods of/for skyrim are the transformations e.g. Werewolf, Vampire Lord, Undeath, Playable Spriggans, etc. This idea I had was originally for an apocryphal armor but then I decided it would be much cooler and sensible to be a transformation.

First for a description of the character post transformation: – Head resembling that of the seeker (but scaled appropriately) – Chest and armor plated similar to that of dragon priest armor except the scales resemble some combination of smaller glossy black tentacles and lurker teeth – In the middle of the chest piece is the eye of Hermaeus Mora – The characters back has a fin much like that of a lurker that protrudes through a cloak that takes the same tattered form of the dragon priests – its the texture matching that as seen in the black books (and is animated similarly) – One arm is oversized with a claw resembling that of a lurker – The other arm is "normal" except when you reach the elbow at which point it is a mass of tentacles that can assume a shape corresponding to advancements in a perk tree – The waist area is "normal" down to the knees at which point a mass of tentacles suspends the character in the air (much like the animation used in a lurker ranged attack) – The character is also surrounded by a reasonable number of eyes as happens with the appearances of Hermaus Mora Everything except the cloak would be a glossy black with greenish highlights. Obviously the above would also require a healthy balance of animation i.e. you don't want it to be "too busy".

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Now for the lore (keep in mind I am not caught up on skyrim lore but I have tried to come up with a reasonable quest line to acquire the transformation): 1. The Skaal are seeking revenge on Hermaus Mora for Storns death 2. The Skaal send the dragonborn to Urag Gro Shub to see if there is a way to feat the daedric prince. Urag just happens to have an ancient Skaal scroll/tome (that must be translated of course) 3. The dragonborn returns to the Skaal to attempt a translation. In a section of the tome/scroll, a ritual is described as a method of vanquishing Hermaeus. However, the specifics of the ritual are not discussed. Also, because this information was discovered in the tome and lost by the Skaal over generations, it was not known by Storn before his death. 4. The dragonborn is sent to another Skaal member to try to acquire the specifics of the ritual. This member reveals Storns involvement with necromancy prompting the dragonborn to suggest that maybe Storn can be reached in the soul Cairn to recover the secret 5. Storn must be found and is guarded within the Soul Cairn by agents of Hermaeus that must be dispatched by the dragonborn 6. Storn then describes an ancient Skaal ritual by which the dragonborn can create a "blessed elemental essence" (that would normally be used for some other purpose to the Skaal) – the ritual requires 6 daedra hearts that must each be blessed using a different all-maker stone. Each blessing releases a lurker (or apocryphal dragon) accompanied by several seekers. 7. The ritual must take place in a specific location (probably at dwemer ruin – black reach would be cool). 8. The dragonborn arrives at this location to find a black book on a pressure pedestal (requiring the dragonborn to read the book before advancing further into the ruin.) 9. The dragonborn must navigate the lengthy contents of the black book to acquire the previously mentioned cloak 10. Hermaeus appears directly after the cloak has been acquired revealing his suspicions of the dragonborn but the dragonborn persuades Hermaeus otherwise 11. The dragonborn returns to the ruin from the black book 12. Advancement in the ruin leads the dragonborn to a dwemer essence extractor into which the blessed daedra hearts must be placed to obtain elemental essence 13. The dragonborn must advance deeper into the ruin to reach the ritual site where the essence can be blessed 14. Once the essence is blessed, the dragonborn is faced with another black book which the dragonborn must navigate to arrive at a daedric artifact (probably something like the Oghma Infinium i.e. a book of all Hermaeus' knowledge) that is available for the dragonborn to steal. 15. The dragonborn returns to the ruin and advances to a final black book 16. This time the dragonborn uses the black book to navigate to where Hermaeus Mora resides in apocrypha. 17. Hermaeus reveals himself as the dragonborn has confirmed his suspicion and a battle ensues. 18. Once the dragonborn has defeated hermaeus, the eye of Hermaeus Mora can be looted and a large pool of black apocryphal fluid floods the area requiring the dragonborn to wade to a nearby altar. 19. The altar requires the placement of the artifact, the eye, and the blessed elemental essence. As it turns out, the apocryphal essence is attracted to the elemental essence. Once the apocryphal essence has overtaken the altar, the dragonborn must use the bend will shout to force the apocryphal essence and eye that is the remains of Hermaeus into the daedric artifact. 20. The daedric artifact can then be collected from the altar 21. The dragonborn must return to the Skaal to show them the artifact and tell them what has happened. 22. The same Skaal member that revealed Storns necromancy suggests charging the artifact with a black soul gem (as it would be a "weapon" in the players inventory). Once charged, the apocryphal transformation becomes available as a power

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I'm not particularly attached to the sequence of events above so I'd be happy to hear any spin someone else has.

Aside from the amount of effort a modder would be looking at, thoughts?


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