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Arcanum + Better Spell Learning Patch soon-ish to be released, maybe.

Content of the article: "Arcanum + Better Spell Learning Patch soon-ish to be released, maybe."

So that urge that pop's up every 1-2 years has finally come around to bite me again. Time for another Skyrim playthrough. I'm most excited about this one because it will be the first time I'm committing myself to VR, which at this point, I feel is the best way to experience the game (thanks to our awesome modding community). That being said, over the past 24-hours, I've gained a ton of respect for that community, on top of the loads that I already had. I've taken my first delve into SSEEdit past cleaning my masters, and boy do these folks put up with a headache.

The tl;dr is that I'm almost done with a full Arcanum + Better Spell Learning patch. After I double check the permissions, I'll either post it to the nexus, or ask ropya to upload it to the existing patch page (ropya deserves 100% of the credit for this, as I've used the guide they provided on that page to make this patch).

The long-ish version is that, after trying literally every "spell learning" mod, Better Spell Learning is my personal favorite. I've used others in the past in custom mod lists simply for their compatibility, and I have a lot of experience with the Spell Learning and Discovery mod (I think that's the name) included in UltSky. When it comes down to it, I enjoy BSL the most as it feels the most well-integrated, requires the least menu-interaction (important to me for VR), and is the least RNG based. I'd rather meticulously study the same tome over and over, with hour-long breaks here and there, than shred a tome into a collection of "illusion notes". The biggest issue with BSL, is that it requires a patch to make it's script work with any non-vanilla spells. Ropya already has a ton of patches for great mods included on their page, but unfortunately Arcanum just isn't one of them. After attempting it myself, I now know why lmao.

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I've had my eye on Arcanum for a long time. I feel like a lot of big spell packs claim "200+ brand new *immersive* spell options, but it always turns out that around 150 of those spells are different creatures you can summon, and 50 of those are different variants of wolves. Arcanum is just different. Before my undertaking and *especially* after (I spent a dumb amount of time copying and pasting spell descriptions), I saw that Arcanum not only greatly enhances vanilla mage playstyles, but also gives you options to roleplay in almost any way imaginable. There are so many different creative spells, that you could rip a character straight out of your D&D campaign and make them work in Skyrim now. Illusion certainly got a significant buff, more horizontally than vertically. Before, illusion was just "Do you want your enemies to run away, kill each other, or just hang out?" With Arcanum, you truly feel like a master of the mind. There's even magic-archer-specific spells, which honestly give me a hell of a bias.

Anyways, I felt like my new playthrough would be left wanting without both of these mods, so I set out to remedy it. The tome descriptions are gonna be a bit wonky, as I'm a still a novice with SSEEdit and a lot of the descriptions were already too long to fit into the letterbox, but all spells and tomes should be functioning as intended. I've seen more than a few posts requesting this patch over the past couple of years, so I hope this will suffice, even if it lacks some polish.

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