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Are the Argonians Daedric?! (Fudgemuppet Theory)

The Argonians have always been one of the least developed races in Tamriel where lore is concerned, but this really interesting theory adds a ton of potential depth to the Argonians and Black March itself if it turns out to be true/if the writers decide to explore this direction.

It would explain a lot in regards to the Hist, the Argonian's worship of Sithis and their unique ability to combat the Oblivion Crisis (where they were so successful in repelling the invasion, they actually fought the Daedra back through the portals and invaded the Deadlands themselves, forcing Mehrunes Dagon to seal the portals shut).

Something I should add is that, I don't literally believe the Argonians are Dadra or that Black Marsh is a plain of Oblivion and I don't think the video is trying to say that either. By definition, Daedra exist in Oblivion, didn't want to create Mundus, etc (things that don't apply to the Argonians or Black Marsh) but rather, that Black Marsh and the Argonians have a strange connection to the Void and Sithis, just like the plains of Oblivion do. Perhaps Black Marsh is the closest place on Mundus to the realm of Oblivion, or there's something in Black Marsh that connects it to Oblivion (the Towers are meant to Hold up Mundus, so perhaps Black Marsh had a Tower but it broke, thus fracturing veil between the realms).

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They seem to be connected, but they are not the same.

Personally, I think that, even if this wasn't the writers original intent, it's a theory they should absolutely lean into in the future because it's so cool and adds so much. Michael Kirkbride has been very open in the past that he believes Elder Scrolls is/should be somewhat 'open source' and accepts that he and the Bethesda writers aren't the alpha and omega of the Elder Scrolls universe, so I think if they heard about it, they'd be willing to play into it.

What do you make of the Theory? also, I was wondering if anyone knows of the sources that hint towards this being the case?


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